The Exclusive Suite Belle at Hotel Pigalle in Gothenburg

Gravity Home: Suite Belle at Hotel Pigalle Gothenburg

A suite in one of the most luxurious hotels in Sweden, a beauty bar, an in-room cocktail service and a wardrobe filled with designer clothes. Seems to good to be true right? But it isn’t, Hotel Pigalle offers all this and more in their new exclusive Suite Belle. When you book this suite you’ll have access to a wardrobe filled with designer clothes (for men and women), a beauty bar with makeup, perfumes and styling products, a jewelry bar ánd you’ll have access to room service in the form of makeup and hairstyling. But if you think that’s all, think again! Guests will also receive a 4-course dinner, and in-room cocktail service, a 40-minute pesonal training ánd a massage room. Oh and of course on top of all that the room also look absolutely stunning. I think I found heaven!

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Hotel Panache: A New Design Hotel in Paris

Gravity Home: Hotel Panache Paris

Hotel Panache is a new  design hotel in Paris designed by Dorothée Meilichzon of Chzon. The hotel is located in the Ninth Arrondissement in a 19th-century building with an unusual shape. There are almost no right angles in this building which Dorethée played with very nicely. Dorothée used many geometric shapes in the design of Hotel Panache which gives the hotel a playful and interesting touch. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get. Every room has a unique style with different wallpaper and a Thonet-inspired bedframe. I love the design of this hotel and if you’re going to Paris it will be quite worth the visit. Hotel Panache is quite affordable for a design hotel (rooms that at €130) so it won’t bankrupt you either 😉

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Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia Designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co

Gravity Home: Lokal Hotel Philadelphia

Lokal Hotel in Philadelphia is a project by husband and wife – Chad and Courtney Ludeman. As travel ánd design lovers they found that hotel rooms are often the same old boring rooms. To make a change in hotel stays they decided to open Lokal Hotel. The interior of the hotel is mainly designed by one of my favourite designers Percy & Tara from Jersey Ice Cream Co. The loft-like rooms are ideal for short ánd a long-term stay. They have a seperate bedroom, a living room and a stunning (blue) kitchen, so they are more apartments than just a simple hotel room. The rooms are styled with vintage and modern design and the industrial features of the building remain visible (yay!).  The hotel will open in april & you can book your stay now on the website of Lokal Hotel.

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An Italian Suite at the Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm

Gravity Home: Suite Lydmar Hotel Stockholm

During the Stockholm Design Week the Lydmar Hotel in Stockholm has launched a newly decorated suite for the international guest. The suite is designed by architect Eva-Lotta Axelsson – founder of Nude Studio. The theme of the suite is ‘World Citizen’ and to create this feeling they choose to decorate it with furniture from B&B Italia. The suite has a luxurious feeling but it also feels a bit like a home. It’s not just an impersonal hotel room, it is a space you can relax in. And if the design isn’t enough to win you over, the suite has also views over the Old Town and the Royal Castle of Stockholm.

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Sir Savigny Hotel Berlin

Sir Savigny hotel is a new hotel in Berlin created for ‘the modern aristocrat’. The love for design is obvious when you take one glance at one of the 44 rooms in this hotel. Designed by Saar Zafrir the hotel rooms are based on great design movements of the past. However they managed to make the rooms feel modern instead of old-fashioned. The excellent craftsmanship and beautiful furniture pieces give the rooms a very luxurious atmosphere. Throughout the hotel you will find carefully selected artwork and a well equipped library. Located on the ground floor is The Butcher designed by Baranowitz + Kronenberg Architecture. In the Butcher you can enjoy some Scottish meat and regional dishes. Sir Savigny Hotel in Berlin certainly looks like a place where I’d love to stay. The rooms are so beautiful and cozy. No impersonal feeling hotel room in this place!

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Casa Mimosa Barcelona

Casa Mimosa Barcelona is the new hotel destination for design lovers. Located in a 19th-century modernist building in the city centre it’s the perfect base for a lovely stay in Barcelona. The hotel is in the same block as the famous La Pedrera which can be viewed from the seventh-floor terrace that also has a plunge pool. The 4-star hotel has beautiful light rooms and thoughout the hotel you see wonderful historical features. I love the luxurious and cozy feeling of Casa Mimosa Barcelona, I definitely want to stay here one day.

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The Laslett Hotel In Notting Hill

Gravity Home: The Laslett Hotel in Notting Hill

The Laslett Hotel in Notting Hill is a luxurious hotel that feels as if you’re in a chic private residence. The Laslett is located in five Victorian townhouses in a quiet street in the popular Notting Hill neighbourhood. The hotel is designed by Tom Bartlett of Waldo Works who are known for their amazing combination of heritage and modernity. Here in The Laslett you will find a combination of Notting Hill’s rich cultural heritage, as well as the energy and creativity that characterises the contemporary local scene.

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Valencia Lounge Hostel: A Colorful Stay In The City’s Old Town

When you think about hostels, great design is probably not something that immediately comes to mind. But nowadays more and more design hostels are opening in the world. I’ve posted a great design hostel in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. This stunning hostel is located in the old town of Valencia. The two hostels have something in common because both are big on color! Valencia Lounge Hostel has 11 rooms which are all uniquely styled. The hostel is designed by Masquespacio with the intention of creating a ‘homey’ feeling and the hostel really looks homey and unique. So when you’re going on a trip to Valencia, instead of picking a hotel or airbnb you could just choose the Valencia Lounge Hostel. And otherwise you can get some amazing bedroom and paint ideas from these bright, colorful rooms!

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La Granja Ibiza: A Rustic Members-Only Retreat On A Farmstead

La Granja Ibiza is a rustic members-only retreat situated on a farmstead in the Ibizan countryside. The old stone farmhouse is converted by designer Armin Fischer into a beautiful serene design hotel. The hotel only has 9 guest rooms and a freestanding guesthouse that has a private garden overlooking the farm. Each room has a luxury bed and materials of burn wood, burshed and oiled ash, wood, stone and slate. A stay in La Granja Ibiza feels like going back to basics with the beautiful dark colored walls and natural materials but with all the necessary comforts of a present hotel stay.

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Hôtel Borgo Nuovo: A Countryside Hotel Close To Milan

Hôtel Borgo Nuovo is a new design hotel in the Italian countryside, only 30 minutes from the center of Milan. In Hôtel Borgo Nuovo you will feel as if you’re miles away from all the touristic attractions that Milan has to offer. The hotel is designed by interior designers Viviana Fedeli and Luca Puglia. The hotel – decorated in dark colors, velvet and golden details – is filled with vintage items and custom made furniture. The artwork and installations are exclusively created by Samantha Lina. Staying in Hôtel Borgo Nuovo feels like stepping back in time to the 30s and 40s but with all the comforts of present day services. An ideal stay if you want to combine a visit to bustling Milan with a quit stay in the country.

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