Restaurant Gats in Barcelona

Gravity Home: Gats Restaurant Barcelona

A trip to Barcelona has been on my wishlist for quite a while now. And after seeing images of restaurant Gats in Barcelona I think I’ve found a pretty good place to eat. I love the industrial vibe with exposed brick, concete features and stunning wooden ceiling. In combination with the plants it feels more as if you’re in eating in a courtyard instead of a normal restaurant. A really lovely restaurant and lets hope the food is good as well!

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An Indoor Garden at Pink Mamma in Paris

Gravity Home: Pink Mamma in Paris

I love these sort of ‘indoor garden’ restaurants that are popping up everywhere. Pink Mamma in Paris is a new restaurant in the Big Mamma chain. A chain of amazing Italian restaurants in Paris. I love everything about the restaurant; the plants, the tiles, the vintage vibe, the garden feeling and of course amazing Italian food! If I go to Paris in the future Pink Mamma is definitely on my list!

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Restaurant Italy: Scandinavian Design Combined With Italian Spirit

I’m thinking about taking a trip to Copenhagen in the upcoming weeks so it’s very good timing that I saw these images of restaurant Italy. The restaurant is designed by Norm Architects and it has a beautiful blend of Scandinavian design and Italian spirit. The light colors and wooden furniture are given an extra pop by that beautiful blue tone that they’ve used throughout the restaurant. So beautiful and it’s very possible that I’m going to have an amazing Italian dish at restaurant Italy when I’m in town.

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Pasta Miasta: Italian Restaurant With An Industrial Vibe

Pasta Miasta is an Italian restaurant in the Polish city Gdynia. The restaurant, designed by Paulina Kisiel of Studio TURBO, combines Italian café style with an industrial urban style. The bistro chairs and black and white tiles make you feel as if you stepped foot in an Italian café. The Italian style in combination with the exposed brick walls and exposed pipes give the space a cool urban vibe. It’s lovely how they’ve added some greenery in the space with the wire basket on the ceiling and the plant pots on the wall. I’m in love with the glass paneled steel walls that open up the kitchen. That way you can take a peek and see how your Italian dish is being prepared. Pasta Miasta is a beautifully designed restaurant which you perhaps would have expected in New York. Instead you have to take a trip to Gdynia, Poland to see this beauty for yourself (and eat a lot of pasta, obviously!).

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A Tropical Experience In Amsterdam At Bar Botanique

Botanical design is very trendy at the moment and you can definitely see that in Bar Botanique, a new restaurant and cafe in Amsterdam. Designed by the Dutch Studio Modijefsky this bar will get in you in a tropical feeling in no time. Bar Botanique is covered in green walls, ceiling and floor and is decorated with many (tropical) plants. The space, which was formally a gym, a cafe and a bar, has large double height windows that bring in a lot of natural light which is also being reflected by the mirrors hanging from the ceiling. The design of Bar Botanique was inspired by the cafe that was located in this building for more than 25 years, but as you will see they’ve added some tropical touches in the design.

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Le Coucou: A Vintage Inspired French Restaurant In New York

Imagine yourself in France at this new restaurant Le Coucou in Soho, New York. Le Coucou is the first American restaurant of chef Daniel Rose who also has a restaurant in Paris called Spring. Designer duo Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman & Williams designed Le Coucou restaurant with the idea of making the restaurant feel like a home. Le Coucou has a beautiful collection of vintage Thonet chairs, a bar that resembles a kitchen counter in front of an antique upgraded oak door and a hand painted mural based on the work of Hubert Robert (an 18th-century French landscape painter). I must say I find the bar space in Le Coucou absolutely stunning, I love the vintage atmosphere in this French restaurant Le Coucou in New York.

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The Butcher’s Daughter: A Juice Bar And Cafe With Stunning Interiors

At The Butcher’s Daughter fruits and vegetables are being treated the way a butcher would treat its meat. They chop, fillet and carve fresh produce into the most delicious dishes and juices. All productes come from surrounding farms and it’s the ideal place for a healthy breakfast, brunch or dinner. The interior of these restaurants fit perfectly with the dishes that are being served here, it is made of natural and industrial materials such as wood, concrete and brick and of course the space is filled with plants. Whether you sit inside or on one of the outside terraces you can have a healthy meal in a beautiful setting at The Butcher’s Daughter.

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Book Tip: Let’s Go Out Again by Gestalten

I’m always looking out for books about interior design and architecture and I have a large post on my tumblr page that I update everytime I find new inspirational books. Today I came across Let’s Go Out Again by Gestalten. This book is filled with interiors for restaurants, bars and unusual food places some of which I have also posted on my blog (f.e. The Jane Restaurant and Väkst restaurant).

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Bar Central: A Green And Red Restaurant In Stockholm

Gravity Home: Bar Central Stockholm

Bar Central on the Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm is the second Stockholm venture of restaurateur Robert Rudinski. ‘The tank bar’ centres around two horizontal 500 litre stainless steel tanks that, with the addition of a countertop, double as a bar. This restaurant was also designed by architect Frederik Stenberg and artist Jonas Nobel from Uglycute. The shade of green and the zig-zag patterns that were added on the ceiling are similar to the first Bar Central restaurant and the red bar area is a nice contrast to all the green colours. The two contrasting colours look really great together resulting in a diverse, fun and colourful restaurant in Stockholm.

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Lily Of The Valley: A Floral Café In Paris

gravityhomeblog lily of the valley1

Lily of the Valley in Paris, designed Marie Deroudilhe, is quite possible the cutest little café I have ever seen. An overhead garden is created by the flowers and greenery that hang from the ceiling. Thanks to the mirrors on the wall the overhead garden feels even bigger than it is. The ceiling isn’t the only place for flowers, there are also floral patterns on the benches, the curtain and the wallpaper in the bathroom. Yet despite the vast amount of floral patterns it doesn’t feel like it is too much because of the combination with the white painted brick wall and the original tile floor. I wouldn’t mind sipping some tea in a floral garden in the middle of Paris.

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