A Scandinavian Studio Apartment With Warm Colour Touches

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Scandinavian design is often associated with white and bright spaces. But when they do use colour they often choose for deep warm hues like blue and green. This studio apartment of only 38sq. meter is cozy, functional and decorated in stunning warm colours. The base of the studio is a lovely grey wall colour that almost hints to a soft purple which is lovely in combination with the green velvet sofa and blue kitchen. The dark blue is also visible in the practical hallway that has a large closet space. And the tiny bathroom has lovely vintage-style green tiles. I really like the space, it’s not big but so stylish and warm!

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The 1930s Phoenix Home of the ‘New Darlings’

Gravity Home: 1930s Home of New Darlings

There’s a good chance that you’ve seen or heard of the ‘New Darlings’. Christina and Robert are husband and wife who share their married life (and home) on their blog New Darlings. I’ve shared pictures of their previous home but this year they’ve moved to a 1930s Tudor Home in Phoenix and luckily for us they share the proces of creating their dream home on their blog. Their home is decorated with mid-century and vintage design and it’s an absolute dream! Take a look for yourself and look at their instagram for more inspiration.

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The Gorgeous Bohemian Home of Chelsae Anne

Gravity Home: Bohemian Home of Chelsae Anne

A few weeks ago I discovered Chelsea Anne on Instagram when I saw a picture of her amazing bedroom. It’s not just her bedroom that’s a bohemian haven, her entire home is styled to perfection. Her apartment is filled with plants, fabrics and artwork and it might be my new favourite home ever! The home is only 650sq. feet but it shows that just because you’re living small it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

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A Stunning Scandinavian Home with Cozy Roof Terrace

Gravity Home: Black & White Scandinavian Home

I’m back from holiday (which you may have noticed on my Instragram stories) so there’s a lot of catching up to do. I went to Sweden for a week so to stay in the Swedish mood I’ll start blogging again with a Swedish home. This home came up for sale yesterday and it’s absolutely stunning. The black & white colour palette combined with some vintage items, design pieces and lovely use of wallpaper make for a cozy home. Seeing homes like this only make me want to go back to Sweden!

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A Colourful Plant-Filled Apartment in Mexico

Gravity Home: A Colourful Plant-Filled Home in Mexico

This home of architect and interior designer Erick Millan is one of those homes that makes you happy just looking at it. His home in Mexico is packed with colour, plants, artwork and patterns. Plants are very important for Erick (after all they provide oxygen, generate harmony, reduce stress and prevent depression). By adding lots of plants and even a vertical garden he brings the outside in. This home is an absolutel wonderful jungalicious space. It’s fresh, it’s bright and it’s a super happy place.

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Take A Look At IKEA’s Collaboration with Hay

Gravity Home: IKEA x Hay Collaboration

IKEA’s collaboration with Danish brand HAY is much to look forward to. Last year IKEA announced the YPPERLIG collection and they have just released images of the full collection. The collection has 30 pieces ranging from furniture to acccessories all in a minimalistic Scandinavian style. The collection will hit the store in october 2017 and untill then check out the wonderful YPPERLIG collection below and see what you want to buy!

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A Charming Apartment in Norway With Vintage Touches

Gravity Home: Vintage Apartment in Norway

This apartment in Norway may be small but it’s absolutely packed with style. Home owner Lone Mariel has transformed this 52 square meter apartment into a unique home filled with vintage items and great colour combinations. Like so many Scandinavian homes the base is white, black and grey but Lone has added some wonderful colours to this monochrome colour scheme. Most notable is naturally the yellow sofa but there’s also brown, dusty pink, copper and the plants add some green touches. I really love this home and it’s no wonder that it’s in the running for Norway’s most beautiful home competition.

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A Stunning Danish Family Home Overlooking The Sea

Gravity Home: Danish Family Home Overlooking The Sea

A home overlooking the sea, who doesn’t want that? Åsa and Peter had outgrown their old home after their second child came along. When their dream home came for sale (only 300 meters away) they immediately bought it. The 197 square meter home needed a lot of work but it was totally worth it. The home overlooks the sea and who can say that they use the beach as an extension to their garden? (I’m super jealous!!) The home is decorated with old & new items which compliment the original character of the home. It’s a beautiful Scandinavian family home.

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A Small Scandinavian Apartment in Blue & Pink

Gravity Home: Small Scandinavian Apartment in Blue & Pink

When I’m searching for gorgeous homes to feature on my blog I’m often more interested in the small apartments. I always thinks it demonstrates that to make a house a home you don’t need big spaces and a lot of stuff. Small is good. This apartment in Stockholm is a good example of that. I love the shade of blue in the living room and bedroom (it reminds me a bit of this apartment). And it’s a nice surprise to see that lovely shade of pink in the hallway.

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