A Family Home in Amsterdam With Historic Features

Gravity Home: Historic Family Home in Amsterdam

If you’re thinking ‘hey this home looks vaguely familiar’ then you’re right! I’ve posted pictures of this home before when it was featured on VT Wonen. Now this beauty of a home is for sale and we can enjoy even more pictures! The 3-story home has many historical features such as the fireplace and the exposed beams in the bedroom. I love the combination of styles in this home and the subtle use of colour (Well subtle? Look at that pink bathroom!). The light family home doesn’t have a garden bút it is situated next to the Vondelpark.. that’s what I call a perfect location!

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A Swedish Country Home With A Dreamy Garden

Gravity Home: Swedish Country Home with Lovely Garden

After last week’s post, I have another Swedish country home for you. This 1930s home in Southern Sweden has been featured in many interior magazines and belongs to make up artist Amelie Holmberg. Inside the home has a typical Scandinavian colour scheme, a lot of white, black and grey. I love the vintage touch of the interior which I think fits so well in the countryside. Outside the home has a lovely garden with plenty of cozy sitting spaces. Living in the Swedish country is a bit of a dream of mine so this is right up my alley!

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London Penthouse Designed by Cereal Magazine

Gravity Home: London Penthouse Designed by Cereal Magazine

Combine a spectacular London penthouse with Cereal Magazine and interior designer Tina Norden and you’ll get an amazing home. The penthouse (that’s for sale!) is one of 4 new apartment designed by Pilbrow and Partners. The huge windows give you amazing views over the Thames. To do the industrial history of the place justice, interior designer Tina Norden used polished concrete, brass, marble and black in this penthouse. The home is decorated with carefully chosen design pieces. I love the contrast of light and dark in the bedroom. The large windows flood the room with light but the dark wall colours give the space a darker atmosphere and truly that bed is amazing!

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A Bright Scandinavian Apartment With A Dreamy Bedroom

Gravity Home: Bright Apartment with Dreamy Bedroom

A small apartment can still feel spacious, which is something this apartment shows. Despite the size ánd the slanted ceilings it still feels like plenty of space. With a light wooden floor and white walls it definitely has the typical Scandi style. My favourite room is definitely that bedroom. They used a glass wall which in such a small space is very clever. This way you don’t loose any light ánd the room feels larger. I love the colour scheme in the bedroom with the white, grey and soft pink. With a Moroccan rug and the plants the room is complete and I really wish I could lie under that skylight on rainy days!

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A Cozy Attic Apartment in Black, White & Grey

Gravity Home: Cozy Scandinavian Attic Apartment

I don’t think that my love for attic apartments will ever go away. I found another beauty today, a lovely Scandinavian attic apartment in Gothenborg. Decorated in black, grey and white this is certainly a perfect example of monochrome Scandinavian design. The white walls and floor keep the apartment as bright as possible. I’m in love with that wall finish in the living space, it gives the space some extra texture. Oh and if you want to keep fit, you can do your gymnastic exercises on those rings in the living room 😉

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A Light Loft In A Former Garage in Amsterdam

Gravity Home: A Light Loft in Amsterdam

After seeing only one image of this home in Amsterdam I knew it would be a stunner and it really is! In a former garage in a canal home in Amsterdam lies this spacious and bright loft apartment. With high ceilings, beautiful orginal beams and many vintage elements the owners transformed this space into a unique and light space. During the renovation they had help of a ‘building biologist’ to make this home as ecological as possible. By reusing materials you’re not only helping the enviroment but I also think it gives the home some extra charm. The entire home is absolutely stunning, but 2 things stand out for me; the bathroom (with bathtub dating back to 1900) and those amazing skylights in the living room. What a dream!

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A Beautiful Swedish Country Home With Historic Elements

Gravity Home: Beautiful Country Home in Sweden

This beautiful country home in Sweden belongs to Robin Berkhuizen. You might have seen snippets of his home when he shared them on instagram. Now he’s selling his stunning home and we can drool at his home with even more pictures. In 2013 he completely renovated this former overnight residence in the time that people still travelled by horse. They only kept the frame of the house and transformed it into a stunning country home where modern and historic elements come together. If you follow this blog you probably know that I love exposed beams and exposed brickwork so I was very happy to see those in this home. Every room in this house looks amazing and the garden space is a perfect luxurious relaxing space.

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Santa Clara 1728 in Lisbon

Gravity Home: Santa Clara 1728 in Lisbon

Located in an 18th-century palace on a square in Lisbon’s old cultural quarter lies Santa Clara 1728. In this palace you’ll find 6 luxurious suites that will make your stay in Lisbon unforgettable. The owners of the palace, Joao and Andrea Rodrigues, also live in the palace with their children so it’s more like staying with friends than an actual hotel. They renovated this beautiful property with friend and architect Manuel Aires Mateus and showed the utmost respect to the building’s architecture. Combine the building’s amazing architecture with minimalistic design and you’ll get one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen.

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A Cozy Scandinavian Attic Apartment

Gravity Home: Cozy Scandinavian Attic Apartment

Attic apartment? Check! Exposed beams? Check! Beautiful Scandinavian design? Check! Plants to liven it up? Check! 

An attic apartment is kind of my dream home (in the city) and I really like this. It has all the elements you wish for in a Scandinavian attic apartment, so sit back and enjoy!

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