A Small Studio Apartment in Paris

That living in a small space doesn’t mean comprimising on style is something we’ve learned very well from the Scandinavians where studio apartments are quite popular. The studio apartment I’m showing you today is quite different from the Scandinavian design I usually post about. Designed by Elodie Sire of D.Mesure this studio apartment is located in Paris and decorated in earthy colours with a stone floor and rustic wooden elements. It’s and absolutely stunning Paris apartment and perhaps the size doesn’t really matter when you live in Paris!

gravityhomeblog paris1

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Fröken Hjorts Bed And Breakfast In The Swedish Countryside

In the Swedish countryside of Skåne stands this lovely new bed and breakfast Fröken Hjorts. It took a year for Swedish interior stylist Marie Olsson Nylander and her husband to renovate this former farm into this raw bed and breakfast where concrete and wood are the main materials. The wonderful large windows give you a great view over the Swedish countryside and of course, like Scandinavian tradition, outside there is a sauna to warm you up. You can rent this beautiful designed Fröken Hjorts B&B on Airbnb.

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Paris Please: Scandinavian Simplicity Meets Parisian Decadence In This Hemtex Collection

Parisian decadence meets Scandinavian simplicity in this new Paris inspired collection by Lovisa Burfitt for Hemtex. Lovisa Burfitt is a Swedish illustrator who now lives in Paris, this collection is all about how she sees Paris ‘the cafés, the ivy climbing on the facades, light, chic mademoiseller and haute couture silhouettes’. As a Scandinavian she knows how important it is to bring light to Scandinavian homes so she combined the brightness of Scandinavan decor with Parisian decadence by using a bright and white style, complemented by dusty pink, gray and green. This combination resulted in a lovely collection ranging from bedding to crockery and many other items. You can see the full Paris Please collection of the website of Hemtex.

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Sunday Inspiration #11: Zaha Hadid

A sad week in the architectural world, Zaha Hadid passed away at the age of 65 last thursday. Zaha Hadid was an Iraqi-born British architect, she was the first woman and the first Muslim to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize and the first woman to receive the RIBA’s royal gold medal. To honour Zaha Hadid my sunday inspiration is entirely about her work.



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Small Wooden Summer Cottage in Denmark

Who doesn’t want a summer cottage with sea views? This beautiful monochromatic summer cottage by architectural firm ARDESS stands in the dunes in Skagen, Denmark. The cottage almost dissapears into the landscape because of the use of grey Cedar wood and the large windows that makes you able to look through the house to the dunes on the other side. The cottage is only 54 square meter but by clever use of space this summer cottage has two sleeping area’s with bathrooms and two seperate entrances so it can house two families. It’s a truly wonderful cottage so close to the sea and which fits beautifully in the surrounding landscape.

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Stylish Architectural Stockholm Apartment

A stunning Stockholm apartment hit the market today through real estate agency Wrede. This used to be the home of Filippa Knutsson, founder of the Swedish fashion brand Filippa K. The home is decorated in a neutral colour scheme with black door and window frames which gives the home a very luxorious but comfortable style, but what I love most in this home is the wooden ceiling and the peek of brick work right below in the living room which gives this stylish home just a slight raw look.

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A Dream Loft By Hunting For George

Homeware and furniture supplier Hunting for George is collaborating with the Melbourne design studio Grazia & Co. Grazia & Co focusses on using quality materials and Australian craftsmanship in their timeless and elegant pieces, the collection with Hunting for George includes a range of wool and leather ottomans as well as a new upholstered addition to the Hunting for George Oliver bed. I fell head over heals with the images that come with this Hunting for George x Grazia & Co collaboration, this loft space is so beautiful and I love, love, love the windows it’s always been my dream to have a loft space with large industrial style windows like these.

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Rustic Soft Coloured Brisbane Cottage

gravityhomeblog brisbane1

This light coloured cottage in Brisbane belongs to stylist, photographer and author Kara Rosenlund and her husband. This workers cottage from 1900 still had its originals features which was very important for Kara and her husband. They renovated this cottage on their own with respect to the orginal Victorian features which they wanted to keep as much as possible. The home is decorated in the signature style of Kara with very light colours, vintage items and rustic details. It reminds me a bit of another Australian home I’ve blogged about which was also decorated in these light colours and with a rustic touch.

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Black Paris Apartment In A Historic Building

This Paris apartment is a big contrast to the house I posted yesterday which was decorated in very light colours. The main colour in this apartment is, as you can see, black. When I think of Paris apartments I certainly don’t imagine them to be black which is why this home is so unique. The home is the creation of Irina Dzhemesyuk and Vitaly Yurov who wanted the apartment, that is situated in a historic building, to become more modern and stylish. I found this apartment on the creative website Behance (an amazing website to find work of many creative individuals in all kinds of creative fields), so I’m fairly certain these are 3D images, but I truly love the dark moody colours of this apartment and thanks to the large windows is doesn’t become a dark hole. I don’t think I have the guts to go entirely black, but this black Paris apartment is certainly the example of how to do it right.

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A Green and Art-Filled Victorian Home in London

I think we can safely say that the person who decorated this Victorian home in the London district Camberwell loves green. I think you can easily overdo a certain colour accent but in this light filled Victorian home they did just the right amount without you getting sick of it. The colour pops up in furniture and accessories in every room but also in the many plants that fill this large London home which gives it a nice spring vibe. Next to all the green accents in this lovely home it also has tons of beautiful artwork to decorate the large white walls. I absolutely love this green and artful Victorian London home and it gives me lots of inspiration to make my home a bit greener.

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