Elegant Paris Apartment With Architectural Details

Gravityhomeblog Bonaparte1

This 135m2 apartment on the Rue Bonaparte in Paris is an example of classic and elegant French design. Beautiful high ceilings, parquet de Versailles floor, refined wall moldings and a stunning oak panelled dining room make this Paris apartment a dream come true for everyone that loves French design. Thanks to the large windows every room in this apartment is flooded with light making every architectural detail stand out even more than usual. I love French apartments, they’re so elegant and classic. Want to see more Paris apartments? Just click here.

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Rivertown Lodge: A Hudson Valley Boutique Hotel

Only a two hour drive from the bustling city New York stands this quiet boutique hotel Rivertown Lodge in Hudson Valley. The hotel is situated in a converted 1920s movie theatre and kept its charming original details. In this 27-room hotel you get the best of two worlds, while the hotel has every modern technology to make your stay a luxurious one it has a quiet ‘old-times’ atmosphere thanks to the vintage Danish furniture and potbelly stoves. It’s a beautifuly designed hotel where you can fully relax and only a short ride from energetic New York City.

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Beautiful Airbnb Home With A Stunning Kitchen In Denmark

I think I’m in love.. with a kitchen! This beautiful Danish home is located close to Copenhagen and only 500 meters from the beach. The beautiful large windows make the home feel very light despite the dark colours that were used to decorated this house. The focal point in the living space is the amazing large flooding dark wooden kitchen which includes a nice breakfast bar. So beautiful in combination with the dark walls and the grey floor. Adjoing the living room is the light master bedroom and in total the home can house 12 people! Outdoors there is a great terrace and of course an outdoor kitchen, but the most amazing thing about this home? You can rent it on Airbnb! Fancy a trip to Denmark?

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This Week On Gravity Tumblr

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Yet another beautiful interior design week on my tumblr. You can follow me on Tumblr (or if you don’t have tumblr on Bloglovin) if you never want to miss a home that I post on my Tumblr page. You can also follow this blog on Bloglovin to stay updated with every post. And on top of that I’m also active on Pinterest & Instagram, so come and join me on these social platforms as well! (top picture: a 1930s Dutch artist home)

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Bright White And Grey Studio Apartment

Real estate agency Entrance never fails to impress me with their homes and photography. This bright grey and white studio apartment is just one of many inspirational homes that they have put on the market. The home is only decorated in light grey and white with traditional furniture pieces that you see in many Scandinavian homes like a Bertoia wire chair (budget version here) and Thonet chairs (similar here & here) but to make it stand out from the normal Scandinavian apartment this small studio has an amazing eye catcher with that vintage dark red velvet sofa. Scandinavians homes always have such a calm atmosphere, I can imagine that you can completely relax in these wonderful bright and serene homes.

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Pretty In Pink: A Tiny Stockholm Apartment

I love this minimalistic pink beauty that hit the real estate market in Stockholm today. The apartment has only 2 rooms, the living space is completely painted pink (very nicely in the style of the Pantone colour of the year) whereas the kitchen keeps it very monochromatic by only using grey, white and black. This apartment shows you don’t need much furniture to have a nice and comfortable home. I absolutely love this extremely stylish pink apartment.

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Let’s Get Colourful With These Amazing Colour Combinations From Alcro

gravityhomeblog colour17

Because I post many Scandinavian homes I often get messages saying that I don’t post enough colour inspiration so now you’re getting two colourful posts in a row. Earlier I posted a wonderful fun and colourful Paris apartment and to stay in the world of colour I found the amazing colour trend pictures from Alcro. Green Dreams, Nordic Pastel, Studio Blue and Miami Deco are four colorful trends with a fine mixture of soft pastels, happy and intense colors, natural green and matt blue. I love al the exciting and vibrant colour combinations that you see in these pictures and great inspiring geomatrical paint ideas if you want to add colour to your home in a fun and original way.

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Fun And Colourful Eclectic Paris Apartment

You’re going to feel very cheerful today after seeing the pictures of this 240 square meter apartment in the 16th-arrondissement of Paris. The apartment has everything you love in French apartments; herringbone floors, original stucco and French balconies but on top of that the apartment is decorated in this amazing mixture of styles, where colours and patterns are easily combined resulting in a very fun, colourful and family friendly home. My inner child is extremely jealous of the kids bedrooms in this French home, so spacious and fun! I don’t think it’s possible to be moody in this fun eclectic Paris apartment.

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Ad.White & Grey Colours by Alcro

gravityhomeblog alcroBW1

These beautiful new images from the Ad.White & Grey Colour Map from Alcro fit nicely with my post this morning of a Scandinavian apartment. Chosing the right paint colour can be very difficult, because of that Alcro has made a brochure with white and grey tones that fit nicely together, divided in a cool, neutral and warm group to help you find the right tone for your home. You can find the brochure here on the website of Alcro (it’s in Swedish but with Google Translate you can figure out what it says). A very helpful colour brochure for everyone that wants to style and paint their home like a Scandinavian.

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