A Small Yellow Stockholm Apartment That Might Be For Sale

This small yellow studio apartment might be for sale in Stockholm. The former owner of this apartment is an architect and has completely renovated this small home where he made excellent use of all the available space with storage in the most unexpected places (f.e. on top of the bathroom). This amazing studio apartment combines the old 1800’s details of the building with modern design. Beside the wonderful design there’s something else special about this apartment which has everything to do with the new Stockholm real estate agency Nooks.

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Spacious White Scandinavian Apartment With Black Details

This lovely bright and spacious Scandinavian apartment is located in an early 20th-century building in Gothenburg. Many original features of the building have been preserved such as the stucco, ceiling medallions and the original wooden floor. The brightness, the white walls and the minimum amount of furniture makes this a wonderful example of a Scandinavian styled home. I have a tiny kitchen so you can imagine that I’m completely jealous of this large white kitchen which they kept very simpel with a large rug in the middle and a small table in the bay window. I can picture myself having breakfast there while watching the outside world and at night.. I would fall into that huge chair in the living room with a good book.

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Raw Elegance At Musket Room In New York

I happen to stumble upon the website of Alexander Waterworth Interiors today and I saw this wonderful raw and elegant restaurant in New York. The interior of Musket Room is inspired by the chef’s home country New Zealand. It combines the laid back New Zealand attitude with beautiful luxurious materials such as mid-century furniture, brass light fixtures and indigo leather. I especially love the contrasting combination of the popping indigo blue furniture with the raw exposed brick walls. I’m not going to New York anytime soon, but if you do than you should think about visiting Musket Room in the Nolita neighbourhood of Manhatten.

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Scandinavian Bohemian In The New Norsu 2016 Collection

Gravityhomeblog Norsu 2016(1)

These new images from the Norsu Interiors 2016 collection are making me extremely happy. Norsu is an online boutique and store that brings Nordic inspired homewares to Australia. The new collection can be described as Scandinavian bohemian, the spaces are styled in the traditional Norsu pastel colours and are filled with local brands and new Scandinavian brands such as Love Warriors of Sweden, HK Living, Vita Copenhagen, Kortkartellet and many others. I love how all the spaces are filled with amazing artwork, that gallery wall is giving me some major inspiration! Go to the Norsu website to see the entire 2016 collection.

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A Beautifully Restored Stone House In Spain


This Spanish home, that is located only 10 minutes from the beach, dates from 1900 and is carefully restored by the owners with respect of the essence, structure and natural materials. Outdoors as well as indoors the natural stone is recovered and together with the exposed beams and the floor tiles makes this home full of character. The garden, which is accessable from the kitchen and the living room, is really an extension to the indoor spaces where you can enjoy the warm Spanish sunshine.

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This Week On Gravity Tumblr

gravityhomeblog tumblr1

Another beautiful interior design week on my tumblr. You can follow me on Tumblr (or if you don’t have tumblr on Bloglovin) if you never want to miss a home that I post on my Tumblr page. You can also follow this blog on Bloglovin to stay updated with every post. And on top of that I’m also active on Pinterest & Instagram, so come and join me on these social platforms as well! (top picture: A beautiful home with pink bathroom)

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Bright Scandinavian Apartment With A Glass Dividing Wall

Oh! Isn’t this bright Scandinavian apartment beautiful? The apartment isn’t very big with 87 square meter but the owners made excellent use of the space they have. The half glass wall between the living room and the kitchen is such a smart way to create two seperate rooms without losing the natural light and the feeling of space. From the living room there are double doors leading to the light bedroom with Mimou wallpaper but also double doors to the hallway that stretches the entire apartment where they have created a workspace and here you will find the most colour in the apartment by the gray-green painted walls. I love this Scandinavian apartment. Small, clever, light and very stylish!

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A Restored Copenhagen Carriage House In Natural Tones

I’m quickly squeezing in another home tour this friday before I’m on my way to Amsterdam for a concert. This lovely restored carriage house in Copenhagen belongs to prop stylist and set designer Christine Rudolph. The home is completely decorated in a natural colour palette and by using a nice combination of soft and hard textures she created a lovely warm home. Her place is filled with items that have history ‘they are all things from my travels, or things that have a little story to them from one of the places I’ve lived around the world. Also, some pieces are heirlooms from my grandparents’. It may look that certain items were just placed somewhere in her home but Christine gave a lot of thought to her space and every item is carefully placed saying that she likes things to have different heights and textures. ‘I kind of sense how I should put things together—it’s very much a feeling. It’s a lot like when I create images for work, I see the picture before it’s taken’. Well it certainly works because this restored carriage house is absolutely stunning.

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