A Stylish and Spacious Waterfront Home in Sydney

Gravity Home: Holiday Home in Palm Beach, Sydney

Located in Palm Beach, Sydney this spacious holiday home has been completely redesigned by architecture & interior design firm Alexander & Co. The plan was to create an open-planned ‘European style’ home that combines indoor and outdoor living. The home definitely feels bright and spacious and with the steelframe doors you can open them up to the waterfront garden. What a dream it must be to live so close to the ocean and have such an amazing view from your home.

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Casa Cook Kos: A Relaxing Beachside Hotel on a Greek Island

Gravity Home: Casa Cook Kos

Imagine this: a beachside hotel, deep blue sea and windswept dunes, natural bohemian style hotel rooms, a laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere and a private relaxing space with a pool. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? In Casa Cook Kos all of this is reality. You might remember Casa Cook from their beautiful hotel in Rhodes and now they’ve opened up a new location in Kos, Greece. The cubic minimalistic buildings are inspired by Greek architecture and the beach club is inspired by the Greek parea (a gathering of friends). Casa Cook Kos is the perfect place for a holiday where you can meet up with travellers from all over the world and leave the hectic world behind you and just relax.. 

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A Gorgeous Scandinavian Style Home in Finland

Gravity Home: A Stunning Home in Finland

Ah.. this home in Finland is a stunner! The home is designed by Jonna Kivilahti for a young couple and I think it’s absolutely perfect. The wooden plank walls give the home a slight cabin feel (but in a very modern way). The home is packed with Scandinavian design and the black elements give the home a cool touch. I love the combination of the grey floor, wooden wallls and cozy fabrics. It’s a combination that works so well don’t you think?

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IKEA Autumn Collection 2017

Gravity Home: IKEA Autumn Collection 2017

It’s that time of the year again to get excited about the new products coming to IKEA in august. Warm colours, prints and a touch of gold that’s how you can describe the autumn collection of IKEA. The living room is the focus of the new collection with new chairs, cushions, lighting and soft rugs. Sustainability is a big item at IKEA and also in this collection they designed with the enviroment in mind, without losing the IKEA style of course. Now sit back and marvel at all the new items. We only have to wait a little bit because this collection hits the store in august!

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A Serene Venice Beach Home Inspired By Scandinavian Design

Gravity Home: A Serene Home in Venice

This serene Venice Beach house is designed by Electric Bowery and effortlessly combines indoor and outdoor living. The open-planned home is inspired by mid-century Scandinavian design and architecture from Venice. The floor to ceiling windows not only bring in tons of light but also enhances the outdoor living feeling. I really love the serene and natural style of this gorgeous home.

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A Light Blue Danish Apartment Filled With Plants

Gravity Home: A Blue Danish Apartment Filled With Plants

This home in Hellerup, Denmark is so filled with colours that it puts a smile to my face. The light blue tones are seen thoughout the aparment from the wooden floor to the kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles and bedroom closet. Next to the blue tones you see many other colours and to liven up the place even more it is filled with plants! I really love this apartment. The mixture of old and new, the colour combinations and the freshness of the home is just lovely.

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A Smart Tiny Berlin Loft Filled With Books

Gravity Home: Tiny Loft in Berlin

This Berlin apartment of only 40 square meter has been transformed by Project Architecture Company into a luxurious loft. They added a large multifunctional wall that serves as bookshelves, workspace, sleeping loft and storage space. Not only is it multifunctional but it’s also a great eye catcher. I love the touch of pink that you can see from the sleeping loft. The space may be small but it feels spacious and looks absolutely luxurious.

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A Spectacular Barn House in Louisiana

Gravity Home: A Spectacular Barn House in Louisiana

Holy Moly! That was my first response when I saw this barn house on Apartment Therapy this morning. Located in the Louisiana countryside this home is owned by photographer and bag-designer Kelly Moore Clark. The property, known as K Sqaured Farms, is huge and contains the house, a shop, a large breezeaway and a guest suite. The design is a bit of everything, you can see farmstyle, bohemian, modern and industrial elements in this home and I think is frickin amazing!

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A Victorian London Home with a Glass Extension

Gravity Home: A London Victorian With Glass Extension

I’m a strong advocate of keeping original details in tact. But I love it when a historic home gets a modern extension (when it’s done right obviously). This Victorian home in London might look like a normal Victorian from the outside but there’s a hidden eye catcher. Inside you see a beautiful combination of old & new, light & dark. The original living space are painted a lovely dark blue and still has original features. The kitchen however is something completely different. The modern kitchen has a gorgeous glass extension that bring in tons of light! The home is designed by Gary Tynan of Studio 304 Architects and I think he did a stunning job! Oh.. did I mention it’s for sale?

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A Cozy Painter’s Home in a Belgian Chateau

Gravity Home: Painter's Home in a Belgian Castle

Who wouldn’t want to live in a castle? For Belgian painter Charlotte de Cock this is actually reality. She lives in a chateau in the middle of a quiet forest in Belgium. Everything you see in this home comes from flea markets, carefully selected by Charlotte’s mother. Who certainly has an eye for design! All that wood, vintage finds and cozy fabrics really give this home a cozy vibe.

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