An Indoor Garden at Pink Mamma in Paris

Gravity Home: Pink Mamma in Paris

I love these sort of ‘indoor garden’ restaurants that are popping up everywhere. Pink Mamma in Paris is a new restaurant in the Big Mamma chain. A chain of amazing Italian restaurants in Paris. I love everything about the restaurant; the plants, the tiles, the vintage vibe, the garden feeling and of course amazing Italian food! If I go to Paris in the future Pink Mamma is definitely on my list!

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A Small Plant-Filled Home in San Francisco

Gravity Home: Small plant-filled home

I love a home filled with plants! This small San Francisco home of Jessica Henry is packed with plants and unique objects that remind her of a specific time and place. Even though the home is small and packed with objects it doesn’t feel cramped. And I love how bold she’s been with her choice of colour in the living room. Not just the walls are blue but also the ceiling! It’s a stunning cozy and bright home that feels very alive.

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A Bright Family Home With Colourful Touches

Gravity Home: Bright Family Home with Colourful Touches

An early 20th-century house is the family home of designer Trine Skollers and her 2 children. The bright home is a beautiful mixture of good design pieces and objects she found during her travels. Thoughout the home you’ll find beautiful colourful rugs from Peru that bring nice pops of colour to the white base. Her home has a beautiful combination of art, fabrics and colours. It really is a nice family home that’s personal and can really be lived in!

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A Serene Grey & White Studio Apartment

As you know I always love a good Scandinavian home. This small studio apartment came on the market today and it’s perfect Scandi style. The grey and white colour scheme gives the small space a serene vibe. Combine this with cozy fabrics and some wooden elements and you get yourself a perfect Scandinavian home. Love it!

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A Light Home in Spain with Beautiful Architectural Details

Gravity Home: Spanish Home with Beautiful Details

Tiled floors, stunning wooden doors, exposed beams and brickwork. This home in Valencia is a pearl for people who love original details. Marcial and Andrea bought this place when it was still in terrible condition. Together with Marcial’s brother they completely renovated the home to create a light-filled apartment. Key point was to give the architectural structure of the building the center stage. Thereby they created a home that beautifully combines modern design with historic architecture.

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A Gorgeous Loft in London (And You Can Rent It!)

Gravity Home: Spectacular London Loft

This loft apartment in Clerkenwell, London used to be a factory where barrels were made. Now it has been turned into a stunning apartment that we can not only look at but you can stay in it as well! The (triple height!) living space has a beautiful exposed brick wall, a marble kitchen and a real eye catching dining space. Look at those indoor plants, isn’t it amazing? The apartment has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, all beautifully designed. On top of that there is – of course – also a roof terrace, what more can you possibly want?

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Scandinavian Minimalism in a New York Loft Apartment

Gravity Home: New York Loft in Scandinavian Style

A 19th-century factory that hasn’t been brutally ‘renovated’ isn’t something you come across easily in New York. However this 1400 square foot loft apartment in TriBeCa hadn’t been touched in the last 50 years and still featured many original details. Søren Rose Studio designed this apartment were they created the perfect balance between New York architecture and Scandinavian minimalism. Stunning!

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A Moody Blue Apartment in Antwerp

Gravity Home: Stunning Blue Home in Antwerp

Over the years I’ve really become a fan of dark blue colours, it gives so much warmth to a home. This apartment in Antwerp is almost entirely blue and it’s absolutely stunning. The owner carefully planned her entire interior and the result is a warm and cozy 1-bedroom apartment. You can she paid attention to every little detail in her home and it’s a house I could easily live in. The house has nice attention grabbers such as the copper wall in the bathroom, the Audrey Hepburn painting (painted by the owner) and those lovely kitchen doors. A top feature for me is the stunning wooden floor which compliments the walls so well and give the home an extra warm atmosphere!

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Casa Trampa: A Colourful Designer’s Home in Barcelona

Gravity Home: A Colourful Designer's Home in Barcelona

Behind a 19th-century facade in Barcelona you will find the extraordinary home of designer Guillermo Santomà. Colour is king is this 300sq meter home and you’ll find no ordinary spaces. Guillermo kept the original floor, doors and terrazzo which I think contrast well with the unique architecture and use of colour. All the rooms in this house are connected with the bathroom as central point (and while you shower you can look up at a painted sky). I think you can walk through this house for hours and still discover new things, it’s really inspiring!

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A Family Home in Amsterdam With Historic Features

Gravity Home: Historic Family Home in Amsterdam

If you’re thinking ‘hey this home looks vaguely familiar’ then you’re right! I’ve posted pictures of this home before when it was featured on VT Wonen. Now this beauty of a home is for sale and we can enjoy even more pictures! The 3-story home has many historical features such as the fireplace and the exposed beams in the bedroom. I love the combination of styles in this home and the subtle use of colour (Well subtle? Look at that pink bathroom!). The light family home doesn’t have a garden bút it is situated next to the Vondelpark.. that’s what I call a perfect location!

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