A Monumental School Converted Into A Stunning Family Home

Gravity Home: Converted Schoolhouse in The Netherlands

My heart leaps up every time I see a good conversion. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw this conversion of a monumental school building in Leiden, The Netherlands. The schoolhouse from 1925 is converted by architecture firm Atelier Space into a stunning light-filled family home. They kept most of the historical elements of the building such as the tiled floor, the doors and skylights. All the spaces have 4-meter high ceilings and the large windows flood the spaces with natural light. It’s beautiful how they managed to transform these large open spaces into a cozy and modern family home. And of course I’m always happy when architecture firms manage to keep as many historical elements as possible.

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A Renovated Farmhouse in The Netherlands

Gravity Home: Renovated Farmhouse in The Netherlands

I’m in love with old derelict buildings that are given a new life. This farmhouse in The Netherlands wasn’t in very good shape when Denny and Vivian bought it, but they fell in love with the location and the unlimited view of the fields behind the farmhouse. Architect Joep van Os decided to add gigantic steel and glass walls so that the owners can fully take in the view that they love so much. The farmhouse has a lovely combination of old and new. They managed to keep the wooden beams and the exposed brick walls that the owners loved very much. The white base and the steel frames add some modern touches to an old building. I love how the architect managed to bring this farmhouse into the 21st-century without losing its historic charm.

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Cornwall Home Covered With Steam-Bent Timber

As an architecture lover I always look forward to seeing the British tv-show Grand Designs. For those who do not know, Grand Designs is a tv-show that follows people who are building their dream home. Earlier this month they featured the project of furniture designers Tom and Danielle Raffield who were going to built an extension to their small gamekeeper’s lodge in Cornwall. Tom and Danielle use steam-bent timber in their furniture designs and wanted to apply the same technique to their home. The result is absolutely stunning so I couldn’t wait to share this with you. I truly love the combination of the old gamekeeper’s lodge with the new timber home and the attention to detail is just superb!

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Sunday Inspiration #36

Happy sunday everyone 🙂 It’s getting colder so what better way to spend a day than curled up with a nice book. I’ve updated my interior design & architecture book list so enough inspiration for you there. You can see it easily on my blog as well under ‘Design Books‘ in the menu. This list will get updated frequently (I’ll always mention it when I have). Now let’s take a look at some gorgeous pictures I’ve spotted this week.

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Industrial Loft Apartment Of An Italian Artist

I remember seeing pictures of this industrial loft in Italy years ago and I instantly fell in love. Now, there are new images of this industrial loft and the design has changed a bit. A good excuse to give you a new tour of this impressive space. The loft belongs to Marco Vido, an Italian artist, who has made his home in this factory building near Lake Como. It’s important for Marco to retain the soul of the building. Therefore he kept the walls and windows in its original form and thereby showing the history of the building. The loft is also used as his workspace and the place is filled with artwork of his own hand, which makes the loft very personal and always changing. Thinking of an industrial loft, this space in Italy is probably what most people envision. It’s absolute perfection.

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Sunday Inspiration #35

Ah, sunday already. It’s been an inspiring week again here on my blog and on tumblr. This week my blog was selected in the Feedspot Top 100 Architecture Blogs, many thanks for that :). Make sure to follow me on social media as well to get the latest interior inspiration wherever you want (bloglovin // instagram // facebook // pinterest). Also check out my new Shop page, here you can buy the items in the homes that I post. Now let’s get inspired on this first sunday of october (top picture by IKEA)

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Zara Home Linen Collection in The Labyrinth Home

Gravity Home: Zara Home Linen Collection Autumn/Winter 2016

Architecture meets home decor in the new Zara Home collection. Zara has chosen an impressive location to showcase their autumn/winter linen collection. It’s not accidental that Zara picked The Labyrinth Home of Spanish sculptor Xavier Corbero to present their new campaign. The linen collection is inspired by clean architectural lines, minimalist dyes and colors of natural materials. I can think of no better way than to show the new Zara Home items in such an impressive architectural building. The elegant and natural spaces present the new items in the best way possible and thereby creating a link between the inspiring architecture and their new home decor collection.

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