A Colour Explosion In A Small London Flat

Gravity Home: A Small Colourful London Flat

That you should only use light colours in small homes is definitely a myth and Duncan Campbell & Luke Edward Hall prove exactly that in their small London flat. The apartment in situated in a Victorian building and only has a small living/kitchen space, a bedroom and a bathroom. The living space is painted in a stunning emeral green and it’s packed with books, art and mementos.  The bedroom is painted in a soft blue colour, but they’re thinking of painting it dark sea green which I think will look amazing. The bathroom rocks a Art & Crafts Voysey floral and fauna print and also here they put in some green by using green subway tiles. I absolutely love this home. The combination of colour, classic furniture and a touch of fun is absolutely spot on!

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A Fun and Colorful Brooklyn Apartment

Gravity Home: Fun & Colorful Brooklyn Apartment

Sometimes you’re in the mood for fun and colorful design. Luckily I stumbled upon this Brooklyn apartment that was recently decorated by Homepolish designer Will Saks. Focal point in the apartment are the beautiful bookshelves on the exposed brick wall in the kitchen. The apartment is filled with interesting design items and every wall space is decorate with artwork. I love all the pink and blue-tones that are used in this apartment, it makes it look so fresh and fun!

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A Charming Swedish Apartment With A Parisian Vibe

Gravity Home: Charming Swedish Apartment With Parisian Vibe

A little bit of Parisian charm in a Swedish apartment. This beautiful apartment belongs to Pernilla Algede – a freelance creative director of real estate agency Alvhem. Her home is a mixture of personal, eccentric and vintage design. The home is only small but every free space on the walls is packed with art. The walls are painted a soft grey color and the wallpaper by Lim & Handtryck adds some soft pink to the living room. In the bedroom a curtain hides the closet space and a small workspace is placed in front of the window. I absolutely love this home, it is personal, cozy, art-filled and with a nice vintage and Parisian touch.

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Cozy Art-Filled Apartment in Sweden

That Scandinavians can style small apartments to perfection is no secret. This apartment in Stockholm is only 44 square meter but it appears spacious and cozy. The apartment is decorated in monochrome colors and filled with art (which always makes a space look cozy in my opinion). I especially love the peek-a-boo windows between the living room and bedroom which contributes to making the apartment appear larger. I think everythink about this apartment is perfect. Small = good!

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Industrial Brooklyn Loft Filled With Art

The home of Brooke Hammel and Jose Alvarez has everything you wish for in a industrial loft apartment. Exposed brick, lots of concrete and large windows. The couple asked Homepolish to completely design their industrial loft in Brooklyn in only 2 months time. The couple are major art lovers so their art collection has a prominent place in their loft. The gallery wall on the large exposed brick wall is a true eyecatcher in this loft apartment. The other amazing focal point is the large bookcase that showcases all the items that the couple has collected over the years. I’m truly in love with this space, it’s such a nice mixture of styles. And the guestroom in Moroccan style is a nice surprise in this Brooklyn industrial loft.

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London Home Of Malene Birger That’s Packed With Art

The London home of designer Malene Birger is absolutely packed with art. This light apartment in South Kensington is her home, art studio and workspace in one so it has to be a space where she can feel creative. Many items come from her travels, therefore creating a unique and personal atmosphere in her home. The apartment might seem cluttered but Malene has a good eye for bringing some order in her home. ‘I can sense an imbalance in the body if things are not “right” placed. I’m trying to create peace in a home with millions of things’. The art, the fabrics and the antiques all works together so perfectly which gives this London home a lovely cosy feeling.

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Generator Hostel in Amsterdam Is A New Art-Filled Design Hostel

Generator Hostel in Amsterdam is a colorful design hostel in Amsterdam which will change your mind about staying in a hostel. Call me a snob but if you ask me to sleep in a hostel the answer will always be no, nope, never! I slept in a hostel once when I was still in highschool which I believe was a former hospital and it really was just as depressing as a hospital. I can’t say that my former stay in a hostel made me very enthousiastic about hostels in general (plus I’m pretty introverted so I really like to be on my own when I’m on holiday). Luckily for the people who do like hostels you see more and more ‘design hostels’ opening in the world including this Generator Hostel in Amsterdam. The hostel is located in Amsterdam East near the Oosterpark in a former health sciences building and zoological museum but it is now transformed into a colorful, art-filled hostel that’s built to encourage social interaction.

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Original Ways To Display Your Photograph And Art Collection

When you have a nice collection of photographs and art, you would like to show it off in your home and be surrounded by the memories and the stories those images hold for you. You could of course frame your pictures and create a nice gallery wall, but what if you don’t want that? There are many other ways to show of all the pictures that you love so much. Here are some original ways to display your photograph and art collection.

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