A Smart Tiny Berlin Loft Filled With Books

Gravity Home: Tiny Loft in Berlin

This Berlin apartment of only 40 square meter has been transformed by Project Architecture Company into a luxurious loft. They added a large multifunctional wall that serves as bookshelves, workspace, sleeping loft and storage space. Not only is it multifunctional but it’s also a great eye catcher. I love the touch of pink that you can see from the sleeping loft. The space may be small but it feels spacious and looks absolutely luxurious.

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Raw & Eclectic Berlin Apartment

Gravity Home: Berlin Apartment

This Berlin apartment has everything. It’s industrial & raw but also colorful and soft. The combination of raw & soft is excellent in the living room. Here the walls are painted a grey color similar to cement and the bookcase gives the space an industrial look. The large rug and cozy fabrics give the living room also a soft touch. I love the dining table which the owner designed himself, the beautiful Wegner chairs make the look complete. There is more colour in the bedrooms with a large purple master bedroom and a blue art-filled guest room. I love how the owner combined all these styles,  colours and hard & soft materials. It’s the perfect urban apartment that you ll expect in Berlin’s city centre.

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Sir Savigny Hotel Berlin

Sir Savigny hotel is a new hotel in Berlin created for ‘the modern aristocrat’. The love for design is obvious when you take one glance at one of the 44 rooms in this hotel. Designed by Saar Zafrir the hotel rooms are based on great design movements of the past. However they managed to make the rooms feel modern instead of old-fashioned. The excellent craftsmanship and beautiful furniture pieces give the rooms a very luxurious atmosphere. Throughout the hotel you will find carefully selected artwork and a well equipped library. Located on the ground floor is The Butcher designed by Baranowitz + Kronenberg Architecture. In the Butcher you can enjoy some Scottish meat and regional dishes. Sir Savigny Hotel in Berlin certainly looks like a place where I’d love to stay. The rooms are so beautiful and cozy. No impersonal feeling hotel room in this place!

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Former Factory Turned Into A Cool Berlin Loft

In Berlin with views over the Spree river stands this former factory from 1880 that is turned into a residential property that you can rent on Airbnb. The loft is a combination of modern features such as the new bathroom and kitchen, and original raw elements such as the exposed brick walls and the concrete ceiling. The owner of the industrial loft is an art gallery owner so it comes as no surprise that the loft is filled with a great art collection that is always changing. The loft is sparsely furnished with vintage items and the bedroom and bathroom area is seperated from the rest of the loft with two thin walls to create some privacy in such a large space. This loft is truly a wonderful stay for art and design lovers.

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Berlin Apartment In Neutral Colours

I love the work by Berlin based interior designer and stylist Annabell Kutucu. I’ve posted a dark Berlin apartment of her on my blog before and on Tumblr I’ve also posted homes by her design here & here. Today not a dark apartment, but one decorated in neutral colours. I love the comfortable living space and the cozy sitting space in front of the fireplace with the layered rugs that give the space a lot of warmth.

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Berlin Calling: Dark Apartment In City Centre

I’ve posted homes by Berlin based interior designer and stylist Annabell Kutucu twice before on my Tumblr page (here & here) and today I browsed through her portfolio and got inspired by another home. This apartment of 150m2 with three bedrooms is situated in the heart of Berlin and is furnished in a beautiful dark eclectic style. Or as Annabell says herself ‘The eclectic design is an homage to Berlin and its creative diversity’. It’s no secret that I love dark (grey) walls and I especially like the map of Berlin in the bedroom, such a nice idea!

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