A Scandinavian Studio Apartment With Warm Colour Touches

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Scandinavian design is often associated with white and bright spaces. But when they do use colour they often choose for deep warm hues like blue and green. This studio apartment of only 38sq. meter is cozy, functional and decorated in stunning warm colours. The base of the studio is a lovely grey wall colour that almost hints to a soft purple which is lovely in combination with the green velvet sofa and blue kitchen. The dark blue is also visible in the practical hallway that has a large closet space. And the tiny bathroom has lovely vintage-style green tiles. I really like the space, it’s not big but so stylish and warm!

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A Small Scandinavian Apartment in Blue & Pink

Gravity Home: Small Scandinavian Apartment in Blue & Pink

When I’m searching for gorgeous homes to feature on my blog I’m often more interested in the small apartments. I always thinks it demonstrates that to make a house a home you don’t need big spaces and a lot of stuff. Small is good. This apartment in Stockholm is a good example of that. I love the shade of blue in the living room and bedroom (it reminds me a bit of this apartment). And it’s a nice surprise to see that lovely shade of pink in the hallway.

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A Light Blue Danish Apartment Filled With Plants

Gravity Home: A Blue Danish Apartment Filled With Plants

This home in Hellerup, Denmark is so filled with colours that it puts a smile to my face. The light blue tones are seen thoughout the aparment from the wooden floor to the kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles and bedroom closet. Next to the blue tones you see many other colours and to liven up the place even more it is filled with plants! I really love this apartment. The mixture of old and new, the colour combinations and the freshness of the home is just lovely.

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A Small Plant-Filled Home in San Francisco

Gravity Home: Small plant-filled home

I love a home filled with plants! This small San Francisco home of Jessica Henry is packed with plants and unique objects that remind her of a specific time and place. Even though the home is small and packed with objects it doesn’t feel cramped. And I love how bold she’s been with her choice of colour in the living room. Not just the walls are blue but also the ceiling! It’s a stunning cozy and bright home that feels very alive.

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A Moody Blue Apartment in Antwerp

Gravity Home: Stunning Blue Home in Antwerp

Over the years I’ve really become a fan of dark blue colours, it gives so much warmth to a home. This apartment in Antwerp is almost entirely blue and it’s absolutely stunning. The owner carefully planned her entire interior and the result is a warm and cozy 1-bedroom apartment. You can she paid attention to every little detail in her home and it’s a house I could easily live in. The house has nice attention grabbers such as the copper wall in the bathroom, the Audrey Hepburn painting (painted by the owner) and those lovely kitchen doors. A top feature for me is the stunning wooden floor which compliments the walls so well and give the home an extra warm atmosphere!

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The Gorgeous Stockholm Home of Petra Tungården

Gravity Home: Petra Tungården's Stylish Home

Welcome to the super stylish Stockholm home of Petra Tungården. Petra is a Swedish influencer, blogger and Fashion & Home Editor in Chief for Metro. Her renovated home in Stockholm shows that Petra is certainly a stylish woman. The design furniture in combination with the gorgeous historic features of the building is a very good match, I mean look at that ceiling!! I love how she used the same blue colour on the walls throughout her apartment, it really gives the home a warm and soft feeling. But for me the absolute winner of this apartment is the green kakelugn (a Swedish tiled fireplace) isn’t it amazing?

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An Australian Home with Blue Touches

This home in Australia belongs to designer Margaret Scholley. She founded Alida & Miller Interior Design and together with her daughter they take on design projects in the Byron Bay area. The home’s layout is inspired by her own family, so a large open plan living space, a library and a swing(!) for her grandsons. I love all the textiles, patterns and color that she used in this home. It feels like a truly comfortable family home. A home to be lived in. (Ps: see the mximalist home of her daughter here)

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A Tiny Stockholm Apartment Painted Blue

You really don’t have to keep it light if you live in a small apartment, this tiny Swedish home shows that dark can be great as well. Mattias Vural decided that he wanted something different and painted his entire apartment dark blue. The apartment is only 34 square meter but it feels like more due to the consistent use of color. By putting the kitchen in the hallway and the bedroom where the kitchen used to be, Mattias created some extra space. The home is decorated with a lot of wicker, wood and plants which gives this home the right balance between dark and light. I love this apartment, I posted about it before on tumblr here and here where you can see some additional pictures.

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An Explosion Of Color In A Copenhagen Family Home

If you’re afraid of putting color in your home than you should take a look at this family home. The home in Copenhagen is an explosion of color but not in a ‘crazy’ kind of way. All the colors compliment each other and give this home a personal touch. The home is very unique with a combination of vintage furniture, interesting design objects and a lot of art. This home is fun, cozy and warm and a dream for color and art fanatics.

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Step Back in Time in a Vintage French Family Home

Villa Atlantida, a historical home in the French town Pau, is the home of Lisa and Julian Ménard and their five children. That the couple loves old things is not surprising if you see their home. It is filled with vintage furniture, from family heirlooms to items found in second-hand shops, which they combine with modern design. The building itself has beautiful details such as the stained glass windows, moldings and cement tiles. Luckily for the couple all the orginal features were still in good condition, so they’ve kept them all. What I especially love in this home is the use of color, which gives the home a fresh atmosphere instead of stuffy and old. I’ll admit, you either love this or hate it. But it’s certainly a unique family home, gosh how I wish I could walk through these vintage inspired rooms.

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