The Beautiful Home of Interior Blogger Theo-Bert Pot

Gravity Home: Beautiful Home of Interior Blogger Theo-Bert Pot

Today I’m going to show you one of my favourite homes of all times, that of interior blogger (and my Instagram crush) Theo-Bert Pot. Theo-Bert lives with his partner Jelle (an interior architect) in a beautiful historic home in The Hague. Their home is a stunning mix of wonderful design pieces and they’re not afraid to use colour! Blue, grey, pink and orange whether it’s a statement wall (or ceiling) or a small decor piece, you see colour everywhere. I’d truly recommend following Theo-Bert on Instagram because he is constantly changing things in his home which makes it so fun & inspiring to see his pictures! If I’m dreaming of my perfect home it really looks a lot like this!

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Elegant And Colourful Scandinavian Home Of Fabrique Founders

Gravity Home: Elegant Colourful Home

If you think Scandinavian homes only use white and natural tones than this home in Stockholm will prove you wrong. This classic and elegant home  belongs to David and Charlotta Zetterström, the founders of bakery chain Fabrique. The couple restored the home as close to the original condition as they could, resulting in a stunning classic home filled with traditional architectural details in combination with a mixture of old and new furniture. But what makes this home unique is the bold use of colour. The soft blue, deep green and dusty pink work very well together and give this home a personal and luxurious feeling.

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Fun And Colourful Eclectic Paris Apartment

You’re going to feel very cheerful today after seeing the pictures of this 240 square meter apartment in the 16th-arrondissement of Paris. The apartment has everything you love in French apartments; herringbone floors, original stucco and French balconies but on top of that the apartment is decorated in this amazing mixture of styles, where colours and patterns are easily combined resulting in a very fun, colourful and family friendly home. My inner child is extremely jealous of the kids bedrooms in this French home, so spacious and fun! I don’t think it’s possible to be moody in this fun eclectic Paris apartment.

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Marimekko For Target: A New Colourful And Graphic Collection

Finnish design house Marimekko is teaming up with Target for a colourful and graphic collection of 118 pieces. Marimekko, founded in 1951, is known for their original prints and use of colour in their design and was revolutionary in Finland short after World War 2. Now they have made a wonderful colourful and graphic collection for one of the largest retailers in the United States, Target. The collection ranges from outdoor décor, furniture, entertaining essentials as well as beach and swimwear and accessories for women and girls. The Marimekko for Target collection will be available in the Target stores across America and on the Target website starting on april 17th. But if you can’t wait, just see a glimpse of the wonderful bright and colourful Marimekko for Target collection here on Gravity.

gravityhomeblog marimekko target1

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100-Year-Old Church Becomes Skate Park

Converting a church into a home or an office space is not something unusual. A large open space with high ceilings and stained glass is for many people a dream to live in. In the Spanish place Llanera in Asturias they did something completely different with an abandoned church. It’s is now a colourful skate park.

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