Amsterdam Loft in a Former School Building

Gravity Home: Amsterdam Loft in a Former School

I love it when old buildings are getting a new life. This former school building in Amsterdam has been transformed into apartments and on the top floor is this wonderful loft. I love how you can still see the old structure of the building with the exposed beams. It’s a very playful and unique home in Amsterdam.

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Scandinavian Minimalism in a New York Loft Apartment

Gravity Home: New York Loft in Scandinavian Style

A 19th-century factory that hasn’t been brutally ‘renovated’ isn’t something you come across easily in New York. However this 1400 square foot loft apartment in TriBeCa hadn’t been touched in the last 50 years and still featured many original details. Søren Rose Studio designed this apartment were they created the perfect balance between New York architecture and Scandinavian minimalism. Stunning!

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A Cool Industrial Garage Conversion in Amsterdam

Gravity Home: A Cool Garage Conversion in Amsterdam

Not a great day for me, my phone broke down so no Instagram updates for a while. Luckily my computer still works *touch wood* so I can still show you great interiors. Remember the amazing garage conversion in Amsterdam that I showed you a while back? Well I’ve got a new cool garage conversion for you. This one is also located in Amsterdam and has the same industrial features. There are lots of raw elements, vintage items and split levels which makes this home so unique and fun. I can only imagine extremely cool people living here.

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A Monumental School Converted Into A Stunning Family Home

Gravity Home: Converted Schoolhouse in The Netherlands

My heart leaps up every time I see a good conversion. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw this conversion of a monumental school building in Leiden, The Netherlands. The schoolhouse from 1925 is converted by architecture firm Atelier Space into a stunning light-filled family home. They kept most of the historical elements of the building such as the tiled floor, the doors and skylights. All the spaces have 4-meter high ceilings and the large windows flood the spaces with natural light. It’s beautiful how they managed to transform these large open spaces into a cozy and modern family home. And of course I’m always happy when architecture firms manage to keep as many historical elements as possible.

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Cozy Loft in an Industrial Shipyard Building

Gravity Home: Cozy Scandinavian Loft Apartment

An industrial shipyard welding hall has been transformed by Nyréns Arkitektkontor into modern light-filled loft apartments. The gorgeous large industrial windows are the focal point of the apartment. These windows flood the loft with plenty of natural light in the living space and the loft bedroom. The living space is compact but decorated very cozy in neutral colors and a lot of plants. The loft bedroom is also decorated in grey colors and has a lovely view through the large windows. I’m not only in love with the decor of the loft but I also like the architecture of this complex very much. From the front it looks like a big box but the courtyard gives a very playful and cozy atmosphere. A conversion done well by Nyréns!

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Industrial Garage Conversion in Amsterdam – Part 2

I always love a converted space. And this garage conversion in Amsterdam is one of my favourites. As I mentioned before the decor in this converted garage has changed a little bit, it’s now a little bit lighter and more family friendly. But I couldn’t only post one version of this loft apartment because it’s simply too cool! If you’re curious what the apartment looked like before, just click here. Oh! and the industrial loft is now up for sale so I’d say take your chance if you want to live in one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Amsterdam!

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Industrial Garage Conversion in Amsterdam – Part 1

A few years ago I came across the most amazing converted garage I’ve ever seen, which I posted back then on my tumblr. The garage is located in one of the most charming neighbourhoods in Amsterdam called ‘De Jordaan’. The garage is converted into an eclectic loft by the Dutch firm Bricks Amsterdam. The loft has amazing skylights that bring in tons of light and the industrial glass walls keep the space open and light. This garage conversion for me is the perfect example of a cool apartment. While browsing the Dutch real estate site Funda I saw that the garage conversion is now up for sale. Between then and now the decor has changed a bit so I will post both versions of this garage conversion in two seperate blog posts so if you’re curious what the converted garage in Amsterdam looks like now just click here.

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Stay In A Former Victorian Pub In London

Airbnb is a great source to find interesting and original places to stay for your next travel destination. I have posted quite a few cool places and this London pub is definitely one of them. This former Victorian pub from the 1850s is carefully restored to a comfortable and cozy home. The owners restored the apartment with a careful eye to the history of the building. The shutters are original and the kitchen resembles a bar that you can find in an old pub. The apartment is decorated with antique items and furniture from the owner’s own brand Loaf. The historic feeling is enhanced with the charcoal, blue-greys and soft white paint choices which also gives the place a calming atmosphere. This is such a beautiful apartment and you can feel the love towards to old Victorian building, don’t you agree?

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Former Milk Factory Transformed Into Unique Family Home

A former milk factory in The Hague has been transformed into a unique family home. The home belongs to Mary Hessing, editor of Dutch magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur, and her husband Toon Lauwen, curator, journalist and design books editor. The couple bought the former milk factory 12 years ago and together – without the use of an architect – they created a family home over three levels. The large open plan living space can be reached through the converted garage. The black and white tiles can be seen through the entire ground floor including the kitchen where it is combined with sea green Moroccan tiles. The living space has an industrial vibe with the concrete floor and steel frames. To soften this they used pink and green in the decorations. Upstairs, under the exposed beams, there is a large open plan space that serves as the bedroom and playroom of 2 of the children. This converted milk factory In The Netherlands certainly is one of the most unique homes I’ve ever seen.

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La Granja Ibiza: A Rustic Members-Only Retreat On A Farmstead

La Granja Ibiza is a rustic members-only retreat situated on a farmstead in the Ibizan countryside. The old stone farmhouse is converted by designer Armin Fischer into a beautiful serene design hotel. The hotel only has 9 guest rooms and a freestanding guesthouse that has a private garden overlooking the farm. Each room has a luxury bed and materials of burn wood, burshed and oiled ash, wood, stone and slate. A stay in La Granja Ibiza feels like going back to basics with the beautiful dark colored walls and natural materials but with all the necessary comforts of a present hotel stay.

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