18th-Century Country Home in England

Gravity Home: 18th-Century Country Home

I love old homes, I love the country side and I love beautiful interiors. Yeabridge House in Somerset combines all these things. The 18th-century property belongs to Mark Homewood and it’s filled with beautiful vintage furniture, cozy sitting spaces and moody colours. I really love this home and I think it’s a nice change here on Gravity Home compared to all the bright Scandinavian homes.

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A Swedish Country Home With A Dreamy Garden

Gravity Home: Swedish Country Home with Lovely Garden

After last week’s post, I have another Swedish country home for you. This 1930s home in Southern Sweden has been featured in many interior magazines and belongs to make up artist Amelie Holmberg. Inside the home has a typical Scandinavian colour scheme, a lot of white, black and grey. I love the vintage touch of the interior which I think fits so well in the countryside. Outside the home has a lovely garden with plenty of cozy sitting spaces. Living in the Swedish country is a bit of a dream of mine so this is right up my alley!

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A Beautiful Swedish Country Home With Historic Elements

Gravity Home: Beautiful Country Home in Sweden

This beautiful country home in Sweden belongs to Robin Berkhuizen. You might have seen snippets of his home when he shared them on instagram. Now he’s selling his stunning home and we can drool at his home with even more pictures. In 2013 he completely renovated this former overnight residence in the time that people still travelled by horse. They only kept the frame of the house and transformed it into a stunning country home where modern and historic elements come together. If you follow this blog you probably know that I love exposed beams and exposed brickwork so I was very happy to see those in this home. Every room in this house looks amazing and the garden space is a perfect luxurious relaxing space.

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The Utah Home Of Buffy Birrittella

The home of Buffy Birrittella might be the perfect example of a true ‘winter home’. Buffy Birrittella – who works with Ralph Lauren – fell in love with Utah in the 70s while working on The Great Gatsby. She bought a small cottage and she started embracing the country lifestyle. After 20 years she had to move to a bigger home due to her growing collection of old objects rugs, baskets and pottery made by the Navajo people. Buffy’s wooden home breathes coziness. The wooden home is decorated with beautiful colorful fabrics and interesting artistic objects. I would love to walk from room to room and explore everything this house has to offer.

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