A Cozy Bohemian Apartment in Amsterdam

Gravity Home: A Boho Apartment in Amsterdam

I don’t only stalk real estate sites in Sweden but I also snoop around on Dutch real estate sites. There aren’t as many gorgeous styled homes here as in Sweden (the whole styling before selling hasn’t really arrived here I think) but every now and then you find a stunner.Β This apartment in Amsterdam is one of the homes that immediately cought my eye. The historic home has a beautiful wooden floor which fits well with the dark walls and the bohemian style. I love what they did with the bedroom area. Instead of a seperate bedroom they built a structure with a loft bed and clothing storage underneath. This is a much more open feeling then when you’d have a (cramped) seperate bedroom. Plus I think it suits really well with the boho style. I could easily move in here, what about you?

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Original Ways To Display Your Photograph And Art Collection

When you have a nice collection of photographs and art, you would like to show it off in your home and be surrounded by the memories and the stories those images hold for you. You could of course frame your pictures and create a nice gallery wall, but what if you don’t want that? There are many other ways to show of all the pictures that you love so much. Here are some original ways to display your photograph and art collection.

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