A Wonderful Eclectic Villa in Sweden

Gravity Home: Eclectic Villa in Sweden

This home of Marie-Louise Sjögren is exactly the opposite of what you might expect from a Scandinavian home. You’ll find no minimalism and monochrome colours in her villa in Sweden. Instead you’ll see wonderful colourful touches in pink sofa’s and blue accents. Next to that the home is filled with art, cozy textures and other decor items. If you can’t get enough of this home than you can see some different pictures of this home on Tumblr which you can see here.

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Bohemian Home of Interior Designer Anna Spiro

Gravity Home: Bohemian Home of Interior Designer Anna Spiro

Yes, I often post minimalistic Scandinavian style but I also love colorful bohemian homes. The Brisbane home of interior designer Anna Spiro is an absolute beauty. The 1880s timber home is filled with colour, artwork and beautiful fabrics. It’s a beautiful mix that is just right and not super crazy. I love the dark bedroom with all the gorgeous flowers in paintings and of course also in vases. I really love this home, I wish I could live here.

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Raw & Eclectic Berlin Apartment

Gravity Home: Berlin Apartment

This Berlin apartment has everything. It’s industrial & raw but also colorful and soft. The combination of raw & soft is excellent in the living room. Here the walls are painted a grey color similar to cement and the bookcase gives the space an industrial look. The large rug and cozy fabrics give the living room also a soft touch. I love the dining table which the owner designed himself, the beautiful Wegner chairs make the look complete. There is more colour in the bedrooms with a large purple master bedroom and a blue art-filled guest room. I love how the owner combined all these styles,  colours and hard & soft materials. It’s the perfect urban apartment that you ll expect in Berlin’s city centre.

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The Bohemian Home of Emily Katz

I have been following Emily Katz on instagram for a while now and the pictures she posts of her home are always so inspiring that it deserves a full tour. Emily is one of those women who can do anything. Right now she is traveling the world teaching macrame workshops, learning about energy healing, art directing and styling photo shoots, hosting dinners and events, collaborating on interior design projects and products, and dreaming up the next adventure. Her home, that she shares with her partner Adam, is an amazing bohemian and eclectic space in Portland. It’s filled with interesting objects, cozy textures and a lot of plants! If you love boho eclectic homes than the home of Emily Katz is right up your alley.

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Industrial Garage Conversion in Amsterdam – Part 1

A few years ago I came across the most amazing converted garage I’ve ever seen, which I posted back then on my tumblr. The garage is located in one of the most charming neighbourhoods in Amsterdam called ‘De Jordaan’. The garage is converted into an eclectic loft by the Dutch firm Bricks Amsterdam. The loft has amazing skylights that bring in tons of light and the industrial glass walls keep the space open and light. This garage conversion for me is the perfect example of a cool apartment. While browsing the Dutch real estate site Funda I saw that the garage conversion is now up for sale. Between then and now the decor has changed a bit so I will post both versions of this garage conversion in two seperate blog posts so if you’re curious what the converted garage in Amsterdam looks like now just click here.

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A 12th-Century French Chateau Turned Into Bohemian Family Home

This 12th-century French chateau belongs to Hubert and Isabelle, the owners of the interior store Les Petites Emplettes. After two years of renovations they managed to turn this almost ruined chateau into a beautiful bohemian and eclectic family home. The couple decided to show the long history of the building by keeping the layers of wallpaper in the living spaces downstairs and taking out the false ceilings to give the space a lofty feeling. The combination of the green paint, vintage furniture and historical details give the home a rustic bohemian and eclectic vibe. Upstairs the rooms are much simpler in an all-white palette in combination with wooden floors and furniture of Les Petited Emplettes. This home is so amazing, can I just have my own French chateau s’il vous plaît?

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Elegant And Colourful Scandinavian Home Of Fabrique Founders

Gravity Home: Elegant Colourful Home

If you think Scandinavian homes only use white and natural tones than this home in Stockholm will prove you wrong. This classic and elegant home  belongs to David and Charlotta Zetterström, the founders of bakery chain Fabrique. The couple restored the home as close to the original condition as they could, resulting in a stunning classic home filled with traditional architectural details in combination with a mixture of old and new furniture. But what makes this home unique is the bold use of colour. The soft blue, deep green and dusty pink work very well together and give this home a personal and luxurious feeling.

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Fun And Colourful Eclectic Paris Apartment

You’re going to feel very cheerful today after seeing the pictures of this 240 square meter apartment in the 16th-arrondissement of Paris. The apartment has everything you love in French apartments; herringbone floors, original stucco and French balconies but on top of that the apartment is decorated in this amazing mixture of styles, where colours and patterns are easily combined resulting in a very fun, colourful and family friendly home. My inner child is extremely jealous of the kids bedrooms in this French home, so spacious and fun! I don’t think it’s possible to be moody in this fun eclectic Paris apartment.

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Eclectic London Loft With Amazing Windows

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, so just a quick blogpost that I’ve also posted on my Tumblr page this week. Above the London headquarters of Etsy lies this amazing eclectic loft. It is decorated with wonderful eclectic furniture, vintage finds and personal items. But (in my opinion) the best thing about this loft are those A-MA-ZING windows, I’m so jealous!

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