A Scandinavian Home With Rustic Elements and Ocean Views

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Home with Rustic Elements

I would love a home in the country and this home in Denmark is pretty much perfect. It dates back to 1885 and has views over the ocean. The home has so many wonderful features; exposed beams, bright spaces, nice pops of colour, cozy textures and an attic bedroom (I love attic bedrooms). It has a wonderful combination of styles, textures and of course the Scandinavian brightness. Good news if this is just the home you’ve always wanted because it’s for sale!

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A Serene Rustic Home in Barcelona

Gravity Home: A Serene Rustic Home in Barcelona

I completely understand when you live in a big vibrant city that you want your home to be a serene oasis. Carla Navas and Victor Molina of WIT architecture and interior design studio did exactly that in the city centre of Barcelona. The beautiful oak floor and broken white walls give the space warmth while the exposed beams give the apartment extra charm. Because there aren’t many windows the bathroom and kitchen are decorated in light colours. Looking at this apartment I become completely relaxed which is exactly what the designers wanted to achieve. Absolutely stunning!

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A Lovely Colourful Copenhagen Loft

Gravity Home: Copenhagen Loft

I often hear that Scandinavian homes don’t have enough colour. Now personally I really like the more typical Scandinavian homes but a little colour here and there certainly doesn’t harm the interior. For the lovers of Scandinavian homes ánd colour I show you this Copenhagen loft. The rich colours work really well because of the large windows and high ceilings. The old beams from the building – that dates from 1877 – have been preserved to give the spaces some extra character. This loft has a beautiful combination of classic Scandinavian design pieces, historics features and modern elements.

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A Renovated Farmhouse in The Netherlands

Gravity Home: Renovated Farmhouse in The Netherlands

I’m in love with old derelict buildings that are given a new life. This farmhouse in The Netherlands wasn’t in very good shape when Denny and Vivian bought it, but they fell in love with the location and the unlimited view of the fields behind the farmhouse. Architect Joep van Os decided to add gigantic steel and glass walls so that the owners can fully take in the view that they love so much. The farmhouse has a lovely combination of old and new. They managed to keep the wooden beams and the exposed brick walls that the owners loved very much. The white base and the steel frames add some modern touches to an old building. I love how the architect managed to bring this farmhouse into the 21st-century without losing its historic charm.

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Old & New In An Amsterdam Canal Home

Gravity Home: Canal Home Amsterdam

A good combination of old and new design is something I hugely appreciate. On first glance this canal home in Amsterdam looks very modern. But luckily they preserved many historical details such as the wooden beams and the exposed brick wall. The kitchen and dining space is situated in the middle of the long apartment. Very clever, a steel and glass roof gives the kitchen space some extra natural light. The steel staircase leads to the bedroom and workroom. Even though the spaces are mainly white, the wooden beams give the apartment the historic charm you can expoect from a canal home. What a wonderful home, minimalist design with historic charm on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.

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Former Warehouse Transformed Into A White And Green Oasis

This former warehouse in Delft is completely transformed to a white and green oasis. Three years ago this warehouse was just two dilapidated floors where doves were flying in and out. Pauline en Björnd complettely stripped the space and transformed this old building into a beautiful fresh living space. The home consists of two big rooms, each on a floor, that are completely painted white. The old beams and the occasional exposed brick wall show the history of this building and give the spaces some character. With the use of palets they created sitting spaces all over the house. To complete the home they decorated it with many, many plants which makes this home really come alive.

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A Scandinavian Attic Apartment With Exposed Brick

Friday is real estate day. A lot of homes hit the market on friday including this lovely attic apartment in Stockholm. Situated on the top floor, this apartment has sloped ceilings and beautiful exposed beams. The exposed brick wall in the living room gives the apartment even more character. Like most Scandinavian homes the color palette is neutral with lots of white, grey and black. But the architectural details certainly make this attic apartment very special. I would love an attic apartment, I always think sloped ceilings make a space so cozy. (Oh.. and no upstairs neighbours is definitely a plus).

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A Swedish Apartment With Scandinavian, French And British Design

In this apartment – called ‘The Carpenter’s Pride’ – you will find a mixture of Scandinavian, French and Scottish design. Close to Gothenburg in the Jonsered community this lovely vintage inspired apartment is situated in a brick building that closely resembles British architecture. The architecture comes from the Scotsman William Gibson who founded the Jonsered factories in the 1830s and thereby building a small industrial society in Sweden. The living room in the apartment is a typical Scandinavian styled space with light grey walls, white floors and minimal design. But when you move to the kitchen you suddenly find yourself in France with the wooden ceiling and blue vintage looking kitchen cabinets. In the attic spaces you will go back to Scandinavian design and here the bones of the old British-style building are still visible with exposed beams and brick walls. The best thing about the attic space is probably the ‘hidden door’ leading to a kids bedroom (that’s just a dream for every kid person isn’t it?) A beautiful vintage inspired apartment in Scandinavian and French design in a British-style building.

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19th-Century Mission House Turned Into Modern Scandinavian Home

Carl-Johan Bauhn first saw this 19th-century former mission house while attending an air show in Vallentuna, Sweden. The place was in dire need of repair but he saw the potential in the building and together with his partner Sara Fjelkman did they decide to save this former place of worship and renovate it into a modern home with a historic feeling. Everything in this building needed to be repaired which had to be done carefully to preserve the facade, windows and other details that were typical of the building. It took the couple 2 years to complete the renovation but the result is stunning. They gave a 19th-century mission house a new function in making it a beautiful light home. I particularly love the pastel blue, green and pink that bring some color in this Scandinavian home giving the old mission house a calm and serene feeling with a pop of color.

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A Scandinavian Inspired 1900s Dutch Home

It’s strange actually, I’m from The Netherlands but I rarely post about Dutch homes even though I’m always impressed with historic Dutch architecture (I’m sure anyone who has been to a historic Dutch city will agree with me on that). But today that’s going to change with this Scandinavian inspired home in a characteristic Dutch street in Rotterdam. The home was recently sold but it belonged to Manfung & Angel, a Dutch blogger and founders of OHMYHOME, and luckily for us they had their beautiful home photographed so we can still enjoy it. The home dates from 1900 but the couple completely renovated the historic home to make it to their liking. They renovated almost everything and got new walls, kitchen, bathroom and floors and by that they created a beautiful sun-filled Scandinavian inspired home that luckily still shows the buildings history by having the wooden beams exposed on the top floor. I’m sure they were very sad to leave this stunning home but maybe we can look forward to some photographes of their new home which I’m sure is just as lovely as this light 1900s Scandi inspired home.

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