A Light Home in Spain with Beautiful Architectural Details

Gravity Home: Spanish Home with Beautiful Details

Tiled floors, stunning wooden doors, exposed beams and brickwork. This home in Valencia is a pearl for people who love original details. Marcial and Andrea bought this place when it was still in terrible condition. Together with Marcial’s brother they completely renovated the home to create a light-filled apartment. Key point was to give the architectural structure of the building the center stage. Thereby they created a home that beautifully combines modern design with historic architecture.

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Amazing Warehouse Apartment by Hunting for George

Gravity Home: Warehouse Apartment Hunting for George

Hunting for George did it again! Exactly one year ago I posted an amazing loft apartment designed by the Australian homeware and furniture supplier. This year they’ve decorated a stunning warehouse apartment with their new collection Welcome Home. The space has everything you wish for in a warehouse apartment. Exposed brick walls, high ceilings, stunning arched windows and decorated with plants and lots of artwork. Take a look for yourself and if you like the style than you can shop the items at Hunting for George.

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A Renovated Farmhouse in The Netherlands

Gravity Home: Renovated Farmhouse in The Netherlands

I’m in love with old derelict buildings that are given a new life. This farmhouse in The Netherlands wasn’t in very good shape when Denny and Vivian bought it, but they fell in love with the location and the unlimited view of the fields behind the farmhouse. Architect Joep van Os decided to add gigantic steel and glass walls so that the owners can fully take in the view that they love so much. The farmhouse has a lovely combination of old and new. They managed to keep the wooden beams and the exposed brick walls that the owners loved very much. The white base and the steel frames add some modern touches to an old building. I love how the architect managed to bring this farmhouse into the 21st-century without losing its historic charm.

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Old & New In An Amsterdam Canal Home

Gravity Home: Canal Home Amsterdam

A good combination of old and new design is something I hugely appreciate. On first glance this canal home in Amsterdam looks very modern. But luckily they preserved many historical details such as the wooden beams and the exposed brick wall. The kitchen and dining space is situated in the middle of the long apartment. Very clever, a steel and glass roof gives the kitchen space some extra natural light. The steel staircase leads to the bedroom and workroom. Even though the spaces are mainly white, the wooden beams give the apartment the historic charm you can expoect from a canal home. What a wonderful home, minimalist design with historic charm on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.

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Industrial Brooklyn Loft Filled With Art

The home of Brooke Hammel and Jose Alvarez has everything you wish for in a industrial loft apartment. Exposed brick, lots of concrete and large windows. The couple asked Homepolish to completely design their industrial loft in Brooklyn in only 2 months time. The couple are major art lovers so their art collection has a prominent place in their loft. The gallery wall on the large exposed brick wall is a true eyecatcher in this loft apartment. The other amazing focal point is the large bookcase that showcases all the items that the couple has collected over the years. I’m truly in love with this space, it’s such a nice mixture of styles. And the guestroom in Moroccan style is a nice surprise in this Brooklyn industrial loft.

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Spectacular Warehouse Apartment in Sydney

Gosh I love a good warehouse apartment, especially when you can still see the old features. This stunning warehouse apartment in Sydney has everything that I love about warehouse conversions. Great exposed brickwork in the kitchen and lovely old wooden beams. Combine this with lots of artwork and industrial furnishings and you’ve got yourself a dream home. Everything about this apartment is just right, except for it being in Sydney and costing $1.2 million *sigh*. Well, at least we can dream right?

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Pasta Miasta: Italian Restaurant With An Industrial Vibe

Pasta Miasta is an Italian restaurant in the Polish city Gdynia. The restaurant, designed by Paulina Kisiel of Studio TURBO, combines Italian café style with an industrial urban style. The bistro chairs and black and white tiles make you feel as if you stepped foot in an Italian café. The Italian style in combination with the exposed brick walls and exposed pipes give the space a cool urban vibe. It’s lovely how they’ve added some greenery in the space with the wire basket on the ceiling and the plant pots on the wall. I’m in love with the glass paneled steel walls that open up the kitchen. That way you can take a peek and see how your Italian dish is being prepared. Pasta Miasta is a beautifully designed restaurant which you perhaps would have expected in New York. Instead you have to take a trip to Gdynia, Poland to see this beauty for yourself (and eat a lot of pasta, obviously!).

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A Scandinavian Attic Apartment With Exposed Brick

Friday is real estate day. A lot of homes hit the market on friday including this lovely attic apartment in Stockholm. Situated on the top floor, this apartment has sloped ceilings and beautiful exposed beams. The exposed brick wall in the living room gives the apartment even more character. Like most Scandinavian homes the color palette is neutral with lots of white, grey and black. But the architectural details certainly make this attic apartment very special. I would love an attic apartment, I always think sloped ceilings make a space so cozy. (Oh.. and no upstairs neighbours is definitely a plus).

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A Swedish Apartment With Scandinavian, French And British Design

In this apartment – called ‘The Carpenter’s Pride’ – you will find a mixture of Scandinavian, French and Scottish design. Close to Gothenburg in the Jonsered community this lovely vintage inspired apartment is situated in a brick building that closely resembles British architecture. The architecture comes from the Scotsman William Gibson who founded the Jonsered factories in the 1830s and thereby building a small industrial society in Sweden. The living room in the apartment is a typical Scandinavian styled space with light grey walls, white floors and minimal design. But when you move to the kitchen you suddenly find yourself in France with the wooden ceiling and blue vintage looking kitchen cabinets. In the attic spaces you will go back to Scandinavian design and here the bones of the old British-style building are still visible with exposed beams and brick walls. The best thing about the attic space is probably the ‘hidden door’ leading to a kids bedroom (that’s just a dream for every kid person isn’t it?) A beautiful vintage inspired apartment in Scandinavian and French design in a British-style building.

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Industrial Loft-Style Apartment In A Former Melbourne Brewery

A former brewery in Melbourne was converted into a loft-style industrial apartment by Brett Murray, Stuart McKenzie and Simon Carver. The three men (and a dog) live in this apartment together and that is visible in the masculine style of this loft-style home. Exposed brick walls, dark colours and industrial elements give the spaces a moody atmosphere, which is enhanced by the little natural light that comes into the apartment. This Melbourne apartment might have a masculine feel about it but I would definitely want to live here, gosh I love everything about it.

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