A Light Industrial Farmhouse in The Netherlands

Gravity Home: Industrial Farmhouse in The Netherlands

A very lovely home tour today! This bright industrial farmhouse in The Netherlands belongs to Jellina & Jan. They’re still working on the renovation of the monumental property but already the home looks absolutely wonderful. The amazing exposed beams are seen thoughout the house and I really love the industrial elements they’ve added to the home. This in combination with the vintage items and many plants creates a beautiful light family home. If you want to see more of this home and of the ongoing renovation just take a look at Jellina’s blog for more pictures of her beautiful home.

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A Modern Farmhouse in California

Gravity Home: A Modern Farmhouse in California

This farmhouse in Ojai, California puts a smile on my face. Even though the base is very neutral with white walls and concrete floors all the colourful touches in the furniture and accessories make this space pop. And of course the large windows give you an amazing view over the Californian landscape. The large farmhouse has several buildings with guest stays and a huge garden, a perfect spot to relax and unwind with family and friends.

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18th-Century Farmhouse in New York With A Modern Extension

Gravity Home: 18th-century farmhouse in New York

Contrast between old and new, if it’s done right it can be fabulous. This farmhouse in New York dates back to 1734 and still bears signs of its Dutch colonial roots. The farmhouse has been renovated in a traditional style with floorboards that were removed from an old demolished building. For the extension they went an entire different route. As a contrast to the old farmhouse they built a steel-clad building that reminds you of a trailer home. In the new building is the modern kitchen with stone floor and a guest bedroom. I’ll admit you’ll either love it or hate it and to be quite honest I definitely prefer the old farmhouse style.

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A Renovated Farmhouse in The Netherlands

Gravity Home: Renovated Farmhouse in The Netherlands

I’m in love with old derelict buildings that are given a new life. This farmhouse in The Netherlands wasn’t in very good shape when Denny and Vivian bought it, but they fell in love with the location and the unlimited view of the fields behind the farmhouse. Architect Joep van Os decided to add gigantic steel and glass walls so that the owners can fully take in the view that they love so much. The farmhouse has a lovely combination of old and new. They managed to keep the wooden beams and the exposed brick walls that the owners loved very much. The white base and the steel frames add some modern touches to an old building. I love how the architect managed to bring this farmhouse into the 21st-century without losing its historic charm.

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La Granja Ibiza: A Rustic Members-Only Retreat On A Farmstead

La Granja Ibiza is a rustic members-only retreat situated on a farmstead in the Ibizan countryside. The old stone farmhouse is converted by designer Armin Fischer into a beautiful serene design hotel. The hotel only has 9 guest rooms and a freestanding guesthouse that has a private garden overlooking the farm. Each room has a luxury bed and materials of burn wood, burshed and oiled ash, wood, stone and slate. A stay in La Granja Ibiza feels like going back to basics with the beautiful dark colored walls and natural materials but with all the necessary comforts of a present hotel stay.

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The Handmade Home Of A Young Creative Couple

À neglected 100-year-old farmhouse was rebuilt by Brian and Kelli and the old elements of the original farmhouse are to be found everywhere in their home. Throughout the home lies a concrete floor and the home is filled with natural materials (many of them salvaged) in earthy tones. The big focal point of the living room is the large barn door of reclaimed wood that seperates the living room from the ceramics studio. When it’s open it gives the living space more natural light but it can easily be closed to create a seperation from work. Many items in this home were handmade by the couple and it’s truly a lovely serene home. Just take a look at the pictures – shot by Pia Ulin – and marvel at this handmade home.

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19th-Century Farmhouse In Swedish Countryside

I’ve loved Sweden for as long as I can remember, when I was young we went to Sweden on holiday multiple times and now as an adult it’s definitely a country I could see myself living in. I feel at home in city’s as Stockholm and Göteborg but I know how beautiful the Swedish countryside can be. The home I will show you today is situated in South Sweden near Ystad close to the sea. This farmhouse dates from the mid 1800’s but is beautiful renovated with large, light open spaces. I love how they were able to combine modern features with the traditional characteristics of an old farm. It combines modern concrete floors and stairs with wooden floors, exposed beams and exposed brickwork. Oh.. and did I mention a pool! Definetely a renovation done right!

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