Zara Home’s Botanical Autumn

Gravity Home: Zara Home Botanical Autumn

Zara Home’s new collection Botanical Autumn is filled with pastel colours, florals and vintage-inspired embroidery. The goal of this new line is to create a space that is calm and tranquil. I must say I absolutely love the images of this new collection, I adore the soft colour scheme and I always love a good floral pattern. And beside the wonderful new items from Zara Home, I must say that the architecture of this home is absolutely stunning!

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Liberty for Anthropologie

Gravity Home: Liberty for Anthropologie

Sometimes you come across an interior collection that makes you *squeee* a little. For me Liberty for Anthropologie is one of those stunning collections. Liberty is a British brand that creates luxury fabrics, accessories and home goods in eclectic prints. The Liberty for Anthropologie collection is absolutely packed with colour and floral patterns to create a wonderful eclectic home. The collection ranges from fabrics to furniture and stationary and I kind of want it all! See the Liberty for Anthropologie collection for yourself below (warning: there are a lot of images!!)

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French Elegance In The Anthropologie Fall Collection Inspired By Paris

Yesterday I showed you the colorful Anthropologie collection inspired by Cuba. Today we’re moving to the other side of the world and look at the collection inspired by Paris. Who doesn’t love Parisian interiors? They’re so full of elegence and the herringbone floors, high ceilings and historical details are to die for. From soft pastel colors, gold details to romantic, eccentric floral patterns. This Anthropologie fall collection inspired by Paris has it all.

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Lily Of The Valley: A Floral Café In Paris

gravityhomeblog lily of the valley1

Lily of the Valley in Paris, designed Marie Deroudilhe, is quite possible the cutest little café I have ever seen. An overhead garden is created by the flowers and greenery that hang from the ceiling. Thanks to the mirrors on the wall the overhead garden feels even bigger than it is. The ceiling isn’t the only place for flowers, there are also floral patterns on the benches, the curtain and the wallpaper in the bathroom. Yet despite the vast amount of floral patterns it doesn’t feel like it is too much because of the combination with the white painted brick wall and the original tile floor. I wouldn’t mind sipping some tea in a floral garden in the middle of Paris.

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Floral Inspiration In A Cool Industrial Style

The spring has started! Here in The Netherlands it’s still cold and grey so if you can’t find the spring feeling outside you have to bring the spring in. Friday I posted wonderful plant filled homes to get in the spring mood, most of these homes were light coloured spaces. But you can also bring the spring inside when you love the darker industrial style more. These images from VT Wonen show how you can get flower filled spaces (and not always with actual flowers), without it becoming overly girly. Let’s get the spring started!

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10 Floral Sofa’s To Get In The Spring Mood

The wind is raging here in The Netherlands, it feels more like autumn but I am desperate for spring to come and bring some warmer weather. So I thought today would be a good day to give you some floral sofa inspiration to get in the spring mood. Floral sofa’s are quite the fashion and I see them pop up every now and then when I do my daily real estate stalking plus I got a request on Tumblr asking for some floral sofa inspiration and I thought that a post about floral sofa’s would be an excellent idea. There are many different kinds of sofa’s with a floral pattern, you can get a vintage inspired sofa or go for something more modern. There is a floral sofa for everyone and with good styling it looks fantastic. So let’s get inspired and get in the (much wanted) spring mood!

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