The Exclusive Suite Belle at Hotel Pigalle in Gothenburg

Gravity Home: Suite Belle at Hotel Pigalle Gothenburg

A suite in one of the most luxurious hotels in Sweden, a beauty bar, an in-room cocktail service and a wardrobe filled with designer clothes. Seems to good to be true right? But it isn’t, Hotel Pigalle offers all this and more in their new exclusive Suite Belle. When you book this suite you’ll have access to a wardrobe filled with designer clothes (for men and women), a beauty bar with makeup, perfumes and styling products, a jewelry bar ánd you’ll have access to room service in the form of makeup and hairstyling. But if you think that’s all, think again! Guests will also receive a 4-course dinner, and in-room cocktail service, a 40-minute pesonal training ánd a massage room. Oh and of course on top of all that the room also look absolutely stunning. I think I found heaven!

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A Swedish Apartment With Scandinavian, French And British Design

In this apartment – called ‘The Carpenter’s Pride’ – you will find a mixture of Scandinavian, French and Scottish design. Close to Gothenburg in the Jonsered community this lovely vintage inspired apartment is situated in a brick building that closely resembles British architecture. The architecture comes from the Scotsman William Gibson who founded the Jonsered factories in the 1830s and thereby building a small industrial society in Sweden. The living room in the apartment is a typical Scandinavian styled space with light grey walls, white floors and minimal design. But when you move to the kitchen you suddenly find yourself in France with the wooden ceiling and blue vintage looking kitchen cabinets. In the attic spaces you will go back to Scandinavian design and here the bones of the old British-style building are still visible with exposed beams and brick walls. The best thing about the attic space is probably the ‘hidden door’ leading to a kids bedroom (that’s just a dream for every kid person isn’t it?) A beautiful vintage inspired apartment in Scandinavian and French design in a British-style building.

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