Casa Cook Kos: A Relaxing Beachside Hotel on a Greek Island

Gravity Home: Casa Cook Kos

Imagine this: a beachside hotel, deep blue sea and windswept dunes, natural bohemian style hotel rooms, a laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere and a private relaxing space with a pool. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? In Casa Cook Kos all of this is reality. You might remember Casa Cook from their beautiful hotel in Rhodes and now they’ve opened up a new location in Kos, Greece. The cubic minimalistic buildings are inspired by Greek architecture and the beach club is inspired by the Greek parea (a gathering of friends). Casa Cook Kos is the perfect place for a holiday where you can meet up with travellers from all over the world and leave the hectic world behind you and just relax.. 

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Blue And White Villas On A Greek Island

On the Greek island of Spetses stands this compound of villas that were transformed for one family by architect Nikos Moustroufis and decorater Isabel López-Quesada. This property consists of one main building and two smaller residences, each of them having their own living space, kitchen and bedrooms. The three buildings are linked together by connecting doors, interior and exterior staircases, terraces, and the courtyard. It’s like a little village where each has its own space but your still close together, ideal for family get-togethers without being on top of each other! The interiors of the villas are in a traditional Greek look with items from all over the world it gives the property a very laid back atmosphere with a hint of some bohemian touches. I love that they add colour by painting the floor and ceiling a lovely soft blue instead of the more traditional way of painting the walls, a very interesting way of adding colour to your home. Outside there is a lovely covered terrace and a swimming pool with seaview that I think will make everyone want a villa on a Greek island!

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