Pink & Green At The Ferm Living Home in Copenhagen

Gravity Home: Ferm LIVING Home in Copenhagen

Ferm LIVING has created an amazing and colorful new showroom. And it’s not just a showroom but they decorated an apartment in central Copenhagen and it’s filled with their products (from lighting to pillows and furniture). I often hear that Scandinavian homes are ‘too white and boring’ but this beauty is wonderfully colourful with pink and green rooms. I could easily live in an apartment that looks as stunning as this one.

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A Dutch Home Decorated with Green-Tones and Vintage Items

Gravity Home: A Green & Vintage Dutch Home

The owner of this home in The Netherlands has always had a love for green colours. So when she saw a home in only green tones a couple of years ago she knew that her new home was going to be very green! And indeed green is everywhere, from different shades on the walls, to green painted furniture and green William Morris wallpaper. I must say that I love all these green tones togerther. And the vintage furniture make this house a cool family home that can be lived in (without fearing you damage anything).

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A Scandinavian Studio Apartment With Warm Colour Touches

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Scandinavian design is often associated with white and bright spaces. But when they do use colour they often choose for deep warm hues like blue and green. This studio apartment of only 38sq. meter is cozy, functional and decorated in stunning warm colours. The base of the studio is a lovely grey wall colour that almost hints to a soft purple which is lovely in combination with the green velvet sofa and blue kitchen. The dark blue is also visible in the practical hallway that has a large closet space. And the tiny bathroom has lovely vintage-style green tiles. I really like the space, it’s not big but so stylish and warm!

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Casa Trampa: A Colourful Designer’s Home in Barcelona

Gravity Home: A Colourful Designer's Home in Barcelona

Behind a 19th-century facade in Barcelona you will find the extraordinary home of designer Guillermo Santomà. Colour is king is this 300sq meter home and you’ll find no ordinary spaces. Guillermo kept the original floor, doors and terrazzo which I think contrast well with the unique architecture and use of colour. All the rooms in this house are connected with the bathroom as central point (and while you shower you can look up at a painted sky). I think you can walk through this house for hours and still discover new things, it’s really inspiring!

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Scandinavian Apartment in Grey and Green

This apartment in Stockholm is true perfection. The apartment is styled by Scandinavian Homes for real estate agency Alexander White. I always love the styling by Scandinavian Homes, with all the artwork and typical Scandinavian design they give a space a real feeling of home. When can I move in?

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A Light Home Office By Holly Marder

It is no secret that I love everything that Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle styles. I have probably featured almost all her projects on this blog or my tumblr. Holly’s design aesthetic is just simply beautiful. With light colors, Scandinavian design and the occasional vintage items she makes every space cozy, bright and interesting. This home office is her latest project, it’s part of a penthouse redecoration whose bedroom I have already featured before on my blog. The home office has a minimalistic feel with lots of white, grey and light furniture. The lovely light green wall give the space some color. I love the brightness of this space, without making it feel cold or empty. This home office is the perfect space to get inspired and get some work done!

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A Dutch Family Home In Blue And Green

This blue and green family home in The Hague belongs to Matthew and Eveline. After 10 years in Australia they decided to move to The Netherlands with their family. Even though the home is situated in central The Hague it’s only a short trip to the Dutch beachside. Interior architect Jelle van de Schoor designed their family home and he succeeded in connecting the living room with the dining space and kitchen. The dining table is a central point in their home. It’s made of small wooden cubes and is big enough for the entire family to work and play at the same time. I’m in love with the blue and green colors on the wall, it’s such a good color combination. And the bright colorful details give the home a fun twist.

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A Tropical Experience In Amsterdam At Bar Botanique

Botanical design is very trendy at the moment and you can definitely see that in Bar Botanique, a new restaurant and cafe in Amsterdam. Designed by the Dutch Studio Modijefsky this bar will get in you in a tropical feeling in no time. Bar Botanique is covered in green walls, ceiling and floor and is decorated with many (tropical) plants. The space, which was formally a gym, a cafe and a bar, has large double height windows that bring in a lot of natural light which is also being reflected by the mirrors hanging from the ceiling. The design of Bar Botanique was inspired by the cafe that was located in this building for more than 25 years, but as you will see they’ve added some tropical touches in the design.

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The Home Of Artilleriet Founders In Residence Magazine

This beautiful home in Gothenburg belongs to Christian and Björn, the founders of the Gothenburg interior shop Artilleriet. You might have seen my post about Artilleriet Studio a couple of weeks ago and after seeing those images you can’t be surprised that the home of the owners of Artilleriet is absolutely stunning. The wooden kitchen island and dining table are making me extremely happy, it’s something I always wanted to have in my own house. There is not much colour in this home, and it doesn’t need it, but I love the shade of green they used in the paintwork. The home of Christian and Björn is featured in Residence Magazine this month, so I would definitely get a copy to see more images of this home.

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Bar Central: A Green And Red Restaurant In Stockholm

Gravity Home: Bar Central Stockholm

Bar Central on the Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm is the second Stockholm venture of restaurateur Robert Rudinski. ‘The tank bar’ centres around two horizontal 500 litre stainless steel tanks that, with the addition of a countertop, double as a bar. This restaurant was also designed by architect Frederik Stenberg and artist Jonas Nobel from Uglycute. The shade of green and the zig-zag patterns that were added on the ceiling are similar to the first Bar Central restaurant and the red bar area is a nice contrast to all the green colours. The two contrasting colours look really great together resulting in a diverse, fun and colourful restaurant in Stockholm.

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