A Calm Grey Apartment in Sweden

Gravity Home: A Calm Grey Apartment in Sweden

Grey, white and wood. To me those are the perfect ingredients for a calm home. I love the look of this apartment, I always like a grey & white colourscheme and the wooden floor and few wooden design pieces give the spaces some extra warmth. A nice home to start the weekend with. Have a nice one!

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A Serene Grey & White Studio Apartment

As you know I always love a good Scandinavian home. This small studio apartment came on the market today and it’s perfect Scandi style. The grey and white colour scheme gives the small space a serene vibe. Combine this with cozy fabrics and some wooden elements and you get yourself a perfect Scandinavian home. Love it!

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The Swedish Summerhouse of Photographer Kalle Gustafsson

Gravity Home: Dark Summerhouse in Sweden

Summer is approaching so there are more summerhouses popping up on the internet. When you think of a summerhouse they’re usually decorated in light colours. That you can go the exact opposite way shows this summerhouse in Sweden of photographer Kalle Gustafsson. After a burn-out at age 29 he decided that he should slow down. And of course the best way to do that is to buy a lovely summerhouse in the Swedish country with views over the water. The small home is decorated in blue & grey tones and filled with beautiful design furniture. I completely see why he designed it the way he did. The colors and design are so serene and relaxing. Very nice to see a summerhouse a decorated little bit different.

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A Cozy Grey Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Gravity Home: Grey Studio Apartment

Yes.. I love a good studio apartment. This studio in Stockholm came on the market today and it’s completely decorated in grey tones. I love the dividing wall to create a seperate sleeping space. And with the windows in the dividing wall it doesn’t become a dark corner. I can easily see myself living in this beauty.

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A Gorgeous Grey Scandinavian Apartment

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Apartment

The real estate market in Sweden is going fast.. really fast! This lovely Scandinavian apartment is styled for agency Alvhem but before it could even properly hit the market it had already sold. Luckily for us they still put some pictures online of this serene grey apartment. The apartment has beautiful original details and a magnificent fireplace. The window between the kitchen and bedroom is such a clever way of getting natural light into the kitchen. The home has been for sale before and if you prefer a darker colorscheme you can check that out on my tumblr.

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A Beautiful Design Home in Grey Tones

Gravity Home: Design Home in Grey Tones

I’ll admit, I like dark homes. For me it feels like walking into a warm nest. So this dark home is definitely looking good to me. The home is completely painted in grey tones. The living room and bedroom are painted in a beautiful dark grey with a light wooden floor.In the kitchen they kept a lighter palette which suits nicely with the Frama cabinets and concrete floor. Like a true design home, there’s no unnessecary clutter. You can see that every item has been carefully selected, resulting in a design home that’s not only beautiful but also cozy.

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Lotta Agaton’s Home in Stockholm For Sale

Gravity Home: Lotta Agaton's Home

I’ve been in love with Lotta Agaton’s home ever since I first set eyes on it. It was probably on instagram that she posted snippets of her moody grey home in Stockholm. Last year the home was photographed by Pia Ulin for Residence Magazine (see those pictures here). Now Lotta has put her home up for sale and again we can swoon at her perfect styling and moody rooms. Not everyone would dare to paint not only the walls but also the ceiling grey. But this home demonstrates how beautiful it can be. Who says that grey is boring?

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Scandinavian Apartment in Grey and Green

This apartment in Stockholm is true perfection. The apartment is styled by Scandinavian Homes for real estate agency Alexander White. I always love the styling by Scandinavian Homes, with all the artwork and typical Scandinavian design they give a space a real feeling of home. When can I move in?

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The Dark And Stylish Home Of Lotta Agaton

When the home of one of the best interior stylist gets a magazine spread it’s time to get very excited. When you follow interior stylist Lotta Agaton on instagram you see snippets of her home every now and then. Those snippets always get me very excited because her home is so stylish, bold ánd cool. Her apartment in Stockholm is quite daring because it’s entirely painted in dark shades of grey. Together with black design furniture and wooden objects, this home is styled to perfection. The only color in her home comes from the many plants and the green chair in the bedroom. I feel as if you step into a painting while looking at these images, the light in combination with the dark walls is so beautiful! This home really makes me want to paint everything in dark shades of grey, what about you?

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