IKEA Autumn Collection 2017

Gravity Home: IKEA Autumn Collection 2017

It’s that time of the year again to get excited about the new products coming to IKEA in august. Warm colours, prints and a touch of gold that’s how you can describe the autumn collection of IKEA. The living room is the focus of the new collection with new chairs, cushions, lighting and soft rugs. Sustainability is a big item at IKEA and also in this collection they designed with the enviroment in mind, without losing the IKEA style of course. Now sit back and marvel at all the new items. We only have to wait a little bit because this collection hits the store in august!

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A Cozy Bohemian Apartment in Copenhagen

Gravity Home: Bohemian Copenhagen Apartment

There is not one dull corner in the Copenhagen home of Maria Toft. Maria is the owner of clothing laber ETC. ETC. & furniture shop Boho Habits and her home reflects her personal boho style. Her spacious Copenhagen apartment is filled with vintage items in all kind of styles that she finds on flea markets and during her travels. Maria loves to mix and match with patterns, fabrics and colours. There are no rules in her home as long as it isn’t orderly. Well it certainly isn’t orderly, it’s a beautiful warm and cozy boho home.

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New At IKEA in April (Including Great Storage Ideas)

Gravity Home: IKEA April Collection

There are wonderful new items coming to IKEA in april and it mainly focusses on storage and multifunctional living. There are some new furniture items that are ideal for the ‘floating home’. The focus is on young people who’s house often change in location, condition and contents. The furniture is flexible, functional and has an industrial look. IKEA also comes with a great office system called SVALNÄS that I’m seriously considering for my own home. With this system – where Asian and Scandinavian design meet – you can create your own ideal workspace using shelves, cabinets and desk space with drawers made of bamboo. Enjoy looking at all the wonderful new products that hit the IKEA store in april.

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Cozy Textures and Warm Colours in the Città Winter Collection

Gravity Home: Città Winter Collection

Città is a design brand from New Zealand that gets inspired by the worlds unique cultures. In their home collections they share a global design story through beautiful home products. The Città Winter Collection 2017 – Elevation – is inspired by the natural wonder of Bolivia. The rugged, raw, and impossibly beautiful nature is translated into bold design with warm, moody and rich colors. Chunky textures, bold shapes and simple geometrics and plaids collide with exaggerated weaves and knits with subtle reference to the 60s. The promo images of this collection are absolutely stunning. The combination of the raw architecture with the cozy textures and warm colours is absolutely perfect and very inspiring.

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An Australian Home with Blue Touches

This home in Australia belongs to designer Margaret Scholley. She founded Alida & Miller Interior Design and together with her daughter they take on design projects in the Byron Bay area. The home’s layout is inspired by her own family, so a large open plan living space, a library and a swing(!) for her grandsons. I love all the textiles, patterns and color that she used in this home. It feels like a truly comfortable family home. A home to be lived in. (Ps: see the mximalist home of her daughter here)

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H&M Christmas 2016 Collection

Christmas is approaching fast so it’s time to start thinking about on how to get your home in holiday spirits. A few weeks ago I already showed you the IKEA Christmas collection and today I’m showing you H&M’s Christmas collection for 2016. The H&M Christmas collection is filled with traditional Christmas colors so you can expect a lot of red and blue. They have a lovely selection of tree ornaments, cozy pillows and other decorations to give your home the ultimate Christmas feeling.

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A Closet Turned Into A Bedroom In A Swedish Apartment

Let me say beforehand, this is probably not for claustrophobic people! It is however quite a smart idea if you want to upgrade your studio apartment into a 1-bedroom apartment. In this Gothenburg apartment they built a bedroom alcove with a custom made closet unit. But you could also change a built-in closet – that you often see in old apartments – into a bedroom. Now I don’t think you’ll want to close the doors while you’re sleeping but the glass panelled doors do give you the opportunity to hide your bedspace when you have company (or when it’s messy). I quite like this idea plus the closet unit gives you space for storage on top.

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