A Light Industrial Farmhouse in The Netherlands

Gravity Home: Industrial Farmhouse in The Netherlands

A very lovely home tour today! This bright industrial farmhouse in The Netherlands belongs to Jellina & Jan. They’re still working on the renovation of the monumental property but already the home looks absolutely wonderful. The amazing exposed beams are seen thoughout the house and I really love the industrial elements they’ve added to the home. This in combination with the vintage items and many plants creates a beautiful light family home. If you want to see more of this home and of the ongoing renovation just take a look at Jellina’s blog for more pictures of her beautiful home.

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Studio Apartment with Pink & Blue Colour Touches

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Scandinavian studio apartments always make me happy. This one from Entrance Mäkleri is definitely very lovely. With the traditional wooden floor and white walls this apartment gets some nice colour touches in the blue sofa and dusty pink bedding. Combine this with nice wooden items and a big mirror to give the illusion of some extra space and you’ll end up with a great looking apartment.

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A Narrow Brooklyn House Transformed Into A Cozy Family Home

Gravity Home: A Narrow Family Home in Brooklyn

There are 2 options when you’re living in a small home but your family is growing. Option 1 is to move to a bigger house, option 2 is to hire an architect and transform your house into a space that’s the right size for your family. The owners of this row house in Brooklyn loved their neighbourhood and chose option 2. They hired Office of Architecture to transform their narrow house into a cozy family home. They added 2 levels to the house to create a new master suite on the top floor and a mud room in the basement. In this house you see all kinds of clever small space ideas and it really feels like a good size home where you can comfortably live with your family.

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A Stylish Dark Home in Copenhagen

Gravity Home: Dark Home in Copenhagen

Would you dare to paint your home only in dark colours? Mette Holbæk did exactly that in her Copenhagen home and I think it’s absolutely fabulous. Her entire home is painted in dark grey & blue tones which gives the home a dramatic touch but also a very cozy feeling. I’m certainly loving this look, what about you?

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A Small Apartment With A Super Dark Bedroom

Gravity Home: Small Apartment with Dark Bedroom

A big contrast in this Scandinavian apartment. While the living space is kept white (with a stunning exposed brick wall) the bedroom is the complete opposite. Painted in a wonderful dark grey shade (Farrow and Ball – Down pipe modern emulsion), the small bedroom has a super cozy feel. I also love how they created a hallway by using a half high wall to seperate the entryway from the rest of the living room. Without losing the light from the huge window.

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A Wonderful Eclectic Villa in Sweden

Gravity Home: Eclectic Villa in Sweden

This home of Marie-Louise Sjögren is exactly the opposite of what you might expect from a Scandinavian home. You’ll find no minimalism and monochrome colours in her villa in Sweden. Instead you’ll see wonderful colourful touches in pink sofa’s and blue accents. Next to that the home is filled with art, cozy textures and other decor items. If you can’t get enough of this home than you can see some different pictures of this home on Tumblr which you can see here.

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A Dutch Home Decorated with Green-Tones and Vintage Items

Gravity Home: A Green & Vintage Dutch Home

The owner of this home in The Netherlands has always had a love for green colours. So when she saw a home in only green tones a couple of years ago she knew that her new home was going to be very green! And indeed green is everywhere, from different shades on the walls, to green painted furniture and green William Morris wallpaper. I must say that I love all these green tones togerther. And the vintage furniture make this house a cool family home that can be lived in (without fearing you damage anything).

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A Scandinavian Home in Grey Tones + Blog Ramblings

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Home

I know I’m not a very personal blogger. But today I’m finding the need to say a bit more than just a little text about the home I’m posting. The truth is that I’m having doubts. Doubts about this blog, the direction in which I want to go and if an interior blog is even what I want at all. I have this blog for almost 2 years now and I’ve been on Tumblr years longer. And in all honesty sometimes I think just f*ck it all! When I can’t find good inspiration, when it feels like I’m constantly repeating myself or when I’m getting hateful messages. Running a blog like this is a lot of work and sometimes I just get tired even thinking about it. I’m going to think about my blogging future in the upcoming weeks/months and hopefully I can get a clear view of what I want. But don’t worry until I make a decision I will keep posting beautiful homes 🙂 See below for a lovely home tour.

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