Stunning New York Townhouse of Jonathan Safran Foer

Gravity Home: New York Townhouse of Jonathan Safran Foer

Writer Jonathan Safran Foer has listed his beautiful Boerum Hill townhouse. The townhouse was severely neglected by the previous owner but Jonathan has created an amazing light and spacious home. The 8(!!) bedroom home is spread out over 6 floors and is filled with timeless design. I love the book-filled living space which of course is not very strange for a writer’s home. If you’ve fallen in love you do need a lot of cash, because the house is for sale for $8.65 million.

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The 1930s Phoenix Home of the ‘New Darlings’

Gravity Home: 1930s Home of New Darlings

There’s a good chance that you’ve seen or heard of the ‘New Darlings’. Christina and Robert are husband and wife who share their married life (and home) on their blog New Darlings. I’ve shared pictures of their previous home but this year they’ve moved to a 1930s Tudor Home in Phoenix and luckily for us they share the proces of creating their dream home on their blog. Their home is decorated with mid-century and vintage design and it’s an absolute dream! Take a look for yourself and look at their instagram for more inspiration.

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A Serene Rustic Home in Barcelona

Gravity Home: A Serene Rustic Home in Barcelona

I completely understand when you live in a big vibrant city that you want your home to be a serene oasis. Carla Navas and Victor Molina of WIT architecture and interior design studio did exactly that in the city centre of Barcelona. The beautiful oak floor and broken white walls give the space warmth while the exposed beams give the apartment extra charm. Because there aren’t many windows the bathroom and kitchen are decorated in light colours. Looking at this apartment I become completely relaxed which is exactly what the designers wanted to achieve. Absolutely stunning!

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The Gorgeous Home of Interior Designer Amelia Widell

Gravity Home: Home of Amelia Widell

Interior designer Amelia Widell is the new blogger for Elle Decoration and to celebrate that she gives us a peek in her lovely home. Blue and pink are the main colors in her Stockholm apartment that she shares with her daughter Luca. The pink sofa in the living room is her own design called the Dahlia. I love how she styled it with simple IKEA Billy bookcases and all those wonderful art prints. Amelia’s blue bedroom has a hotel feel to it with a lovely lounge chair and a dark blue headboard that’s also her own design. I love how Amelia took inspiration from all kind of places such as New York and Paris but there are also some Moroccan touches (she used have a shop with her father where she sold Moroccan decor and tiles). Amelia’s home is a wonderful combination of chic and cozy design. You can see more of Amelia’s designs on the website of her interior design company Meli Meli.

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15 Breakfast Nooks That Will Make You A Morning Person

I am not a morning person. Not even a little bit, not even at all. When you’re a bit like me, you will need all the help you can get to even make it out of bed. A nice place where you can (quitly) eat your breakfast is most definitely helpfull. Whether your kitchen is big or small you can always fit in a nice cozy space where you can positively start your day. If I had a breakfast nook like the ones below, I would definitely get out of bed a little bit quicker (but only a little bit).

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Christmas Home In A 1960s Dutch Bungalow

Christmas is approaching fast, which means that a lot of home tours in Christmas spirits are appearing on the internet. This beautiful Christmas home in a 1960s bungalow is located in The Netherlands. The bungalow was extremely boring when Kim and Tjimme bought it, but together with architecture firm RoosRos did they create a warm family home. I love how they difined the spaces with color. The living room is painted in dark and warm colors while the kitchen is very light. Upstairs there’s a nice blend of grey-tones to create a warm bedroom and bathroom. It’s abolutely a stunning home and there a quite a few great Christmas decor ideas here!

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Restaurant Italy: Scandinavian Design Combined With Italian Spirit

I’m thinking about taking a trip to Copenhagen in the upcoming weeks so it’s very good timing that I saw these images of restaurant Italy. The restaurant is designed by Norm Architects and it has a beautiful blend of Scandinavian design and Italian spirit. The light colors and wooden furniture are given an extra pop by that beautiful blue tone that they’ve used throughout the restaurant. So beautiful and it’s very possible that I’m going to have an amazing Italian dish at restaurant Italy when I’m in town.

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Kelly Framel’s Cozy New York Pied-À-Terre

I must say I’m a bit jealous of Kelly Framel and her boyfriend. This cozy railroad home in Chelsea isn’t her main living space but her pied-à-terre. It was a scary move for Kelly to sell her duplex in Brooklyn and considerably downsize to this pre-war apartment. The apartment needed some work, they put in a new kitchen and floors and they gave the apartment a fresh coat of paint. I especially love the paint color in the kitchen, even though the space is small the dark color gives it an even more cozy feeling. The apartment is decorated with items they have collected over the years so it isn’t just an impersonal second home. You can see that they put in a lot of work and love into this apartment and the result is a beautifully cozy home with some vintage touches.

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