A Victorian London Home with a Glass Extension

Gravity Home: A London Victorian With Glass Extension

I’m a strong advocate of keeping original details in tact. But I love it when a historic home gets a modern extension (when it’s done right obviously). This Victorian home in London might look like a normal Victorian from the outside but there’s a hidden eye catcher. Inside you see a beautiful combination of old & new, light & dark. The original living space are painted a lovely dark blue and still has original features. The kitchen however is something completely different. The modern kitchen has a gorgeous glass extension that bring in tons of light! The home is designed by Gary Tynan of Studio 304 Architects and I think he did a stunning job! Oh.. did I mention it’s for sale?

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A Gorgeous Loft in London (And You Can Rent It!)

Gravity Home: Spectacular London Loft

This loft apartment in Clerkenwell, London used to be a factory where barrels were made. Now it has been turned into a stunning apartment that we can not only look at but you can stay in it as well! The (triple height!) living space has a beautiful exposed brick wall, a marble kitchen and a real eye catching dining space. Look at those indoor plants, isn’t it amazing? The apartment has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, all beautifully designed. On top of that there is – of course – also a roof terrace, what more can you possibly want?

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London Penthouse Designed by Cereal Magazine

Gravity Home: London Penthouse Designed by Cereal Magazine

Combine a spectacular London penthouse with Cereal Magazine and interior designer Tina Norden and you’ll get an amazing home. The penthouse (that’s for sale!) is one of 4 new apartment designed by Pilbrow and Partners. The huge windows give you amazing views over the Thames. To do the industrial history of the place justice, interior designer Tina Norden used polished concrete, brass, marble and black in this penthouse. The home is decorated with carefully chosen design pieces. I love the contrast of light and dark in the bedroom. The large windows flood the room with light but the dark wall colours give the space a darker atmosphere and truly that bed is amazing!

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A Colour Explosion In A Small London Flat

Gravity Home: A Small Colourful London Flat

That you should only use light colours in small homes is definitely a myth and Duncan Campbell & Luke Edward Hall prove exactly that in their small London flat. The apartment in situated in a Victorian building and only has a small living/kitchen space, a bedroom and a bathroom. The living space is painted in a stunning emeral green and it’s packed with books, art and mementos.  The bedroom is painted in a soft blue colour, but they’re thinking of painting it dark sea green which I think will look amazing. The bathroom rocks a Art & Crafts Voysey floral and fauna print and also here they put in some green by using green subway tiles. I absolutely love this home. The combination of colour, classic furniture and a touch of fun is absolutely spot on!

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Stay In A Former Victorian Pub In London

Airbnb is a great source to find interesting and original places to stay for your next travel destination. I have posted quite a few cool places and this London pub is definitely one of them. This former Victorian pub from the 1850s is carefully restored to a comfortable and cozy home. The owners restored the apartment with a careful eye to the history of the building. The shutters are original and the kitchen resembles a bar that you can find in an old pub. The apartment is decorated with antique items and furniture from the owner’s own brand Loaf. The historic feeling is enhanced with the charcoal, blue-greys and soft white paint choices which also gives the place a calming atmosphere. This is such a beautiful apartment and you can feel the love towards to old Victorian building, don’t you agree?

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Stunning London Location Home in Shades of Grey

I don’t think there’s anything in this London home that I don’t like. Beautiful use of color, a walk in closet ánd the home even has it’s own bar. It’s lovely how they worked with various shades of grey in this home. The dark living room creates a cozy atmosphere and it’s a wonderful contrast with the bright kitchen where the skylight and large glass sliding doors flood the space with light. Upstairs they kept the private spaces very calming in soft pink and grey. It gives the bedroom a bit of a Scandinavian vibe don’t you think? And honestly that bedroom with en-suite bathroom and on top of that a walk in closet? This London home is a dream come true for everyone!

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The Laslett Hotel In Notting Hill

Gravity Home: The Laslett Hotel in Notting Hill

The Laslett Hotel in Notting Hill is a luxurious hotel that feels as if you’re in a chic private residence. The Laslett is located in five Victorian townhouses in a quiet street in the popular Notting Hill neighbourhood. The hotel is designed by Tom Bartlett of Waldo Works who are known for their amazing combination of heritage and modernity. Here in The Laslett you will find a combination of Notting Hill’s rich cultural heritage, as well as the energy and creativity that characterises the contemporary local scene.

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London Home Of Malene Birger That’s Packed With Art

The London home of designer Malene Birger is absolutely packed with art. This light apartment in South Kensington is her home, art studio and workspace in one so it has to be a space where she can feel creative. Many items come from her travels, therefore creating a unique and personal atmosphere in her home. The apartment might seem cluttered but Malene has a good eye for bringing some order in her home. ‘I can sense an imbalance in the body if things are not “right” placed. I’m trying to create peace in a home with millions of things’. The art, the fabrics and the antiques all works together so perfectly which gives this London home a lovely cosy feeling.

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A Green and Art-Filled Victorian Home in London

I think we can safely say that the person who decorated this Victorian home in the London district Camberwell loves green. I think you can easily overdo a certain colour accent but in this light filled Victorian home they did just the right amount without you getting sick of it. The colour pops up in furniture and accessories in every room but also in the many plants that fill this large London home which gives it a nice spring vibe. Next to all the green accents in this lovely home it also has tons of beautiful artwork to decorate the large white walls. I absolutely love this green and artful Victorian London home and it gives me lots of inspiration to make my home a bit greener.

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Eclectic London Loft With Amazing Windows

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, so just a quick blogpost that I’ve also posted on my Tumblr page this week. Above the London headquarters of Etsy lies this amazing eclectic loft. It is decorated with wonderful eclectic furniture, vintage finds and personal items. But (in my opinion) the best thing about this loft are those A-MA-ZING windows, I’m so jealous!

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