A Colourful Plant-Filled Apartment in Mexico

Gravity Home: A Colourful Plant-Filled Home in Mexico

This home of architect and interior designer Erick Millan is one of those homes that makes you happy just looking at it. His home in Mexico is packed with colour, plants, artwork and patterns. Plants are very important for Erick (after all they provide oxygen, generate harmony, reduce stress and prevent depression). By adding lots of plants and even a vertical garden he brings the outside in. This home is an absolutel wonderful jungalicious space. It’s fresh, it’s bright and it’s a super happy place.

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Casa Tiny: A Concrete And Wood Airbnb In Mexico

Gravity Home: Casa Tiny Mexico

Tiny homes are the best homes. Casa Tiny is a beautiful tiny home in Mexico that you can rent on Airbnb. The home has a private pool, a private beach and a lovely hammock to make your stay the most relaxing ever. The home is made of concrete but the wooden shutters give the place some warmth. How nice would it be to wake up the in the bedroom with views over the Mexican countryside?

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