A Cozy Mountain Home in Norway

Gravity Home: Mountain Home in Norway

With winter on its way, it might be a good time to show a beautiful winter home. This mountain home in Norway – created by Slettvoll overlooks the Norefjell and it’s exactly what you want in a winter home. Filled with cozy textures, exposed beams and fireplaces it’s the perfect spot to warm up during the cold months. Really I’m not sure if I would even leave this home at all. Make a cup of tea, put on some Bon Iver and enjoy the stunning landscape from your warm home!

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Light And Dark In A Spanish Mountain Home

Gravity Home: Mountain Home in Spain

This granite stone house in the mountains in Spain was completely derelict when architect Jesus Colao of Schneider Colao started designing. The original plan was to transform this 1950s home into a white box. In the end Jesus worked with light and dark so perfectly it almost looks like a Vermeer painting. The chestnut panelling give the home a typical mountain ‘chalet-style’. The modern skylights and white floor truly enlightens the home, bringing the perfect balance between light and dark. To finish it off, they decided to decorate the home with 1950s furniture in popping colours. But only the essential furniture was allowed in the home it only had to answer a very simple question: Do you need it?

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