A Charming Apartment in Norway With Vintage Touches

Gravity Home: Vintage Apartment in Norway

This apartment in Norway may be small but it’s absolutely packed with style. Home owner Lone Mariel has transformed this 52 square meter apartment into a unique home filled with vintage items and great colour combinations. Like so many Scandinavian homes the base is white, black and grey but Lone has added some wonderful colours to this monochrome colour scheme. Most notable is naturally the yellow sofa but there’s also brown, dusty pink, copper and the plants add some green touches. I really love this home and it’s no wonder that it’s in the running for Norway’s most beautiful home competition.

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Lofoten Opera Hotel in Norway

Furthest west of Lofoten in Norway is going to rise a spectacular new building the Lofoten Opera Hotel. Designed by Snøhetta this 11.000sq meter building stretches out towards the sea in southern and western direction and creates a link between the sea and the mountains. Even though the building almost stands in the sea it is still connected with the coastal town surrounding the building site. They did a truly wonderful job in blending such a large building into the landscape and I can only imagine the view you will have from your hotel room, absolutely stunning. I can’t wait for the Lofoten Opera Hotel to be finished and if the inside is just as spectacular as the outside I’m sure I will make a follow up post about this amazing hotel in Glåpen, Norway.

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