A Dreamy Pastel Family Home in Paris

Gravity Home: Pastel Home in Paris

This Paris home shows that pastel colours aren’t just for children’s rooms. The family home is located in a suburb of Paris and designed by GCG Architects (a firm I’ve featured before in an amazing eclectic Paris apartment). The home is packed with (pastel) colours, patterns and smart design solutions. I really like the look of this home, it’s fun and bright and it must be a wonderful family home to grow up in.

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An Indoor Garden at Pink Mamma in Paris

Gravity Home: Pink Mamma in Paris

I love these sort of ‘indoor garden’ restaurants that are popping up everywhere. Pink Mamma in Paris is a new restaurant in the Big Mamma chain. A chain of amazing Italian restaurants in Paris. I love everything about the restaurant; the plants, the tiles, the vintage vibe, the garden feeling and of course amazing Italian food! If I go to Paris in the future Pink Mamma is definitely on my list!

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Hotel Panache: A New Design Hotel in Paris

Gravity Home: Hotel Panache Paris

Hotel Panache is a new  design hotel in Paris designed by Dorothée Meilichzon of Chzon. The hotel is located in the Ninth Arrondissement in a 19th-century building with an unusual shape. There are almost no right angles in this building which Dorethée played with very nicely. Dorothée used many geometric shapes in the design of Hotel Panache which gives the hotel a playful and interesting touch. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get. Every room has a unique style with different wallpaper and a Thonet-inspired bedframe. I love the design of this hotel and if you’re going to Paris it will be quite worth the visit. Hotel Panache is quite affordable for a design hotel (rooms that at €130) so it won’t bankrupt you either 😉

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Paris Family Home of Morgane Sézalory

Morgane Sézalory is the founder of the Paris clothing brand Sézane. Together with her husband and 2 daughters she recently moved to this apartment in Paris. Her great sense of style results in a beautiful light and colorful family home with the occasional black touches.

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Iconic Parisian Gardens Illustrated By Marin Montagut

I love these large wall map illustrations by Marin Montagut that he created in collaboration with A Paris chez Antoinette Poisson. In the illustrations you see three iconic Parisian gardens: Luxembourg, Tuileries and Jardin des Plantes. Marin has made the original drawings of the plans of each garden as they are today, while respecting the spirit of the engravings of the eighteenth century. The wall maps are available in black and white and there are a limited amount of maps in colour.

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Lily Of The Valley: A Floral Café In Paris

gravityhomeblog lily of the valley1

Lily of the Valley in Paris, designed Marie Deroudilhe, is quite possible the cutest little café I have ever seen. An overhead garden is created by the flowers and greenery that hang from the ceiling. Thanks to the mirrors on the wall the overhead garden feels even bigger than it is. The ceiling isn’t the only place for flowers, there are also floral patterns on the benches, the curtain and the wallpaper in the bathroom. Yet despite the vast amount of floral patterns it doesn’t feel like it is too much because of the combination with the white painted brick wall and the original tile floor. I wouldn’t mind sipping some tea in a floral garden in the middle of Paris.

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Elegant Paris Apartment With Architectural Details

Gravityhomeblog Bonaparte1

This 135m2 apartment on the Rue Bonaparte in Paris is an example of classic and elegant French design. Beautiful high ceilings, parquet de Versailles floor, refined wall moldings and a stunning oak panelled dining room make this Paris apartment a dream come true for everyone that loves French design. Thanks to the large windows every room in this apartment is flooded with light making every architectural detail stand out even more than usual. I love French apartments, they’re so elegant and classic. Want to see more Paris apartments? Just click here.

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Fun And Colourful Eclectic Paris Apartment

You’re going to feel very cheerful today after seeing the pictures of this 240 square meter apartment in the 16th-arrondissement of Paris. The apartment has everything you love in French apartments; herringbone floors, original stucco and French balconies but on top of that the apartment is decorated in this amazing mixture of styles, where colours and patterns are easily combined resulting in a very fun, colourful and family friendly home. My inner child is extremely jealous of the kids bedrooms in this French home, so spacious and fun! I don’t think it’s possible to be moody in this fun eclectic Paris apartment.

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A Small Studio Apartment in Paris

That living in a small space doesn’t mean comprimising on style is something we’ve learned very well from the Scandinavians where studio apartments are quite popular. The studio apartment I’m showing you today is quite different from the Scandinavian design I usually post about. Designed by Elodie Sire of D.Mesure this studio apartment is located in Paris and decorated in earthy colours with a stone floor and rustic wooden elements. It’s and absolutely stunning Paris apartment and perhaps the size doesn’t really matter when you live in Paris!

gravityhomeblog paris1

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Black Paris Apartment In A Historic Building

This Paris apartment is a big contrast to the house I posted yesterday which was decorated in very light colours. The main colour in this apartment is, as you can see, black. When I think of Paris apartments I certainly don’t imagine them to be black which is why this home is so unique. The home is the creation of Irina Dzhemesyuk and Vitaly Yurov who wanted the apartment, that is situated in a historic building, to become more modern and stylish. I found this apartment on the creative website Behance (an amazing website to find work of many creative individuals in all kinds of creative fields), so I’m fairly certain these are 3D images, but I truly love the dark moody colours of this apartment and thanks to the large windows is doesn’t become a dark hole. I don’t think I have the guts to go entirely black, but this black Paris apartment is certainly the example of how to do it right.

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