A Colourful Plant-Filled Apartment in London

Gravity Home: Colourful Plant-Filled Apartment in London

Colour, plants and plenty of natural wooden elements. Sounds like a perfect combination right? Well, this London apartment has all of that. With a green living room, a pink study and a blue bedroom this apartment definitely doesn’t lack in colour. Only the kitchen and bathroom have stayed in white tones. I love how they stripped back the door and window frames to their natural wood tones, together with the plants this gives a nice natural element to the home. I could move into this apartment easily, and you can too because it’s for sale!

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The Gorgeous Bohemian Home of Chelsae Anne

Gravity Home: Bohemian Home of Chelsae Anne

A few weeks ago I discovered Chelsea Anne on Instagram when I saw a picture of her amazing bedroom. It’s not just her bedroom that’s a bohemian haven, her entire home is styled to perfection. Her apartment is filled with plants, fabrics and artwork and it might be my new favourite home ever! The home is only 650sq. feet but it shows that just because you’re living small it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

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A Colourful Plant-Filled Apartment in Mexico

Gravity Home: A Colourful Plant-Filled Home in Mexico

This home of architect and interior designer Erick Millan is one of those homes that makes you happy just looking at it. His home in Mexico is packed with colour, plants, artwork and patterns. Plants are very important for Erick (after all they provide oxygen, generate harmony, reduce stress and prevent depression). By adding lots of plants and even a vertical garden he brings the outside in. This home is an absolutel wonderful jungalicious space. It’s fresh, it’s bright and it’s a super happy place.

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A Light Blue Danish Apartment Filled With Plants

Gravity Home: A Blue Danish Apartment Filled With Plants

This home in Hellerup, Denmark is so filled with colours that it puts a smile to my face. The light blue tones are seen thoughout the aparment from the wooden floor to the kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles and bedroom closet. Next to the blue tones you see many other colours and to liven up the place even more it is filled with plants! I really love this apartment. The mixture of old and new, the colour combinations and the freshness of the home is just lovely.

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An Indoor Garden at Pink Mamma in Paris

Gravity Home: Pink Mamma in Paris

I love these sort of ‘indoor garden’ restaurants that are popping up everywhere. Pink Mamma in Paris is a new restaurant in the Big Mamma chain. A chain of amazing Italian restaurants in Paris. I love everything about the restaurant; the plants, the tiles, the vintage vibe, the garden feeling and of course amazing Italian food! If I go to Paris in the future Pink Mamma is definitely on my list!

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A Small Plant-Filled Home in San Francisco

Gravity Home: Small plant-filled home

I love a home filled with plants! This small San Francisco home of Jessica Henry is packed with plants and unique objects that remind her of a specific time and place. Even though the home is small and packed with objects it doesn’t feel cramped. And I love how bold she’s been with her choice of colour in the living room. Not just the walls are blue but also the ceiling! It’s a stunning cozy and bright home that feels very alive.

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A Beautiful Plant-Filled Studio Apartment

Gravity Home: Plant-Filled Studio Apartment

There are so many things that I love in this apartment. First of all it’s a studio (yay) plus it it has a gorgeous wooden floor ánd it is filled with plants. They’re even growing out of the stunning Swedish fireplace! It’s certainly styled Scandinavian but I think it also has a nice boho vibe to it. I love it!

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A Baltimore Loft Filled With Plants

Gravity Home: Baltimore Loft Filled with Plants

Spring has arrived so this is the time to add some plants to your home decor. Now you can choose to decorate your home with a plant here and there or you can do it like Hilton Connor. Hilton and his girlfriend live in a converted cotton mill in Baltimore. Their loft with high ceilings and large windows is completely filled with plants. Hilton and his girlfriend wanted to create a home that feels comfortable and one that never gets boring. Not only is their loft filled with plants, the walls are also covered in art and the place is packed with small personal objects. I think we can best describe this loft as a personal art-filled urban jungle.

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A Fun and Colorful New Orleans Shotgun Home

After all the monochrome Scandinavian apartments, it’s time for some color don’t you think? This vibrant home belongs to Matt & Beau who’ve always dreamed of living in a typical colorful New Orleans shotgun home. The home still has its original floors and ceilings which give the space a lot of natural charm. While they kept the living room a natural white, in the dining room they decided to go bold and paint it pink. (which suits nicely with the outside of the home). I love the cozy playfullness of this home, the colorful details and many plants really make this home come alive.

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The Bohemian Home of Emily Katz

I have been following Emily Katz on instagram for a while now and the pictures she posts of her home are always so inspiring that it deserves a full tour. Emily is one of those women who can do anything. Right now she is traveling the world teaching macrame workshops, learning about energy healing, art directing and styling photo shoots, hosting dinners and events, collaborating on interior design projects and products, and dreaming up the next adventure. Her home, that she shares with her partner Adam, is an amazing bohemian and eclectic space in Portland. It’s filled with interesting objects, cozy textures and a lot of plants! If you love boho eclectic homes than the home of Emily Katz is right up your alley.

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