A Unique Small Loft with Rustic Touches

Gravity Home: Small Loft in Sweden

I love to look at small apartments and see all the clever small space ideas the owners have come up with. In this small loft in Sweden there are definitely some smart storage ideas. In the kitchen the microwave is hidden in the bar table and the stairs to the loft bed have plenty of storage underneath (including a spot for the washingmachine). Besides the small space ideas I love this apartment for its warmth and unique design. The beautiful wooden floor and rustic elements such as the wooden kitchen and exposed brick wall give the little home such a cozy atmosphere. And as a finishing touch the apartment is filled with plants, so lovely!

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A Cozy Painter’s Home in a Belgian Chateau

Gravity Home: Painter's Home in a Belgian Castle

Who wouldn’t want to live in a castle? For Belgian painter Charlotte de Cock this is actually reality. She lives in a chateau in the middle of a quiet forest in Belgium. Everything you see in this home comes from flea markets, carefully selected by Charlotte’s mother. Who certainly has an eye for design! All that wood, vintage finds and cozy fabrics really give this home a cozy vibe.

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A Scandinavian Home With Rustic Elements and Ocean Views

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Home with Rustic Elements

I would love a home in the country and this home in Denmark is pretty much perfect. It dates back to 1885 and has views over the ocean. The home has so many wonderful features; exposed beams, bright spaces, nice pops of colour, cozy textures and an attic bedroom (I love attic bedrooms). It has a wonderful combination of styles, textures and of course the Scandinavian brightness. Good news if this is just the home you’ve always wanted because it’s for sale!

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A Serene Ukrainian Penthouse With Japanese Influences

Home: A Serene Ukrainian Penthouse

Ukrainian architect Sergey Makhno designed this penthouse in Kiev for him and his family. In this penthouse he combined Japanese aesthetics with traditional Ukrainian design such as the clay walls. I love the combination of the rustic elements in the home such as the exposed beams on the ceiling and the stair banistar with the industrial features. The clay walls, wooden elements and plants almost make you think this is a serene country home while in reality it’s in the middle of (the mainly concrete city) Kiev. You can see a lot of thought (and love) went into this home, it’s absolutely stunning design.

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A Serene Rustic Home in Barcelona

Gravity Home: A Serene Rustic Home in Barcelona

I completely understand when you live in a big vibrant city that you want your home to be a serene oasis. Carla Navas and Victor Molina of WIT architecture and interior design studio did exactly that in the city centre of Barcelona. The beautiful oak floor and broken white walls give the space warmth while the exposed beams give the apartment extra charm. Because there aren’t many windows the bathroom and kitchen are decorated in light colours. Looking at this apartment I become completely relaxed which is exactly what the designers wanted to achieve. Absolutely stunning!

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Dutch Home With A Rustic Industrial Look

The home of Piet and Otti in The Netherlands was completely in ruins when they bought it. The building dates from the 1920s but all the charateristic elements were removed and instead the space looked completely soulless. The couple decided to drastically renovate the apartment and only the façade remained in tact. After hard work the end result is absolutely stunning. They managed to give the home character again, and the industrial elements give the space a very cool and cozy look.

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New York Cabin That Serves As Guest House And Library

Oh my a perfect cabin this way! Designed by Studio Padron this black cabin in the woods serves as a tiny vacation home/library in upstate New York. Because the space is only small, they created bookshelves by leaving gaps between the interior wooden logs that serve as the interior walls. There is only space for a double bed, an armchair and a desk but honestly with all these books, do you really need more?

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A Rustic Bohemian Home In Scandinavian Style

Bohemian homes can be styled in many different ways. There is modern bohemian, colorful bohemian but also Scandinavian bohemian. Scandinavian homes usually have a light base with natural materials. This Scandi boho home has a Nordic base complemented with ethnic influences & plants to give the home a bohemian vibe. If you don’t like extreme colors but you do like a bohemian style than this is the way to decorate your home.

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La Granja Ibiza: A Rustic Members-Only Retreat On A Farmstead

La Granja Ibiza is a rustic members-only retreat situated on a farmstead in the Ibizan countryside. The old stone farmhouse is converted by designer Armin Fischer into a beautiful serene design hotel. The hotel only has 9 guest rooms and a freestanding guesthouse that has a private garden overlooking the farm. Each room has a luxury bed and materials of burn wood, burshed and oiled ash, wood, stone and slate. A stay in La Granja Ibiza feels like going back to basics with the beautiful dark colored walls and natural materials but with all the necessary comforts of a present hotel stay.

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The Handmade Home Of A Young Creative Couple

À neglected 100-year-old farmhouse was rebuilt by Brian and Kelli and the old elements of the original farmhouse are to be found everywhere in their home. Throughout the home lies a concrete floor and the home is filled with natural materials (many of them salvaged) in earthy tones. The big focal point of the living room is the large barn door of reclaimed wood that seperates the living room from the ceramics studio. When it’s open it gives the living space more natural light but it can easily be closed to create a seperation from work. Many items in this home were handmade by the couple and it’s truly a lovely serene home. Just take a look at the pictures – shot by Pia Ulin – and marvel at this handmade home.

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