A Gorgeous Scandinavian Style Home in Finland

Gravity Home: A Stunning Home in Finland

Ah.. this home in Finland is a stunner! The home is designed by Jonna Kivilahti for a young couple and I think it’s absolutely perfect. The wooden plank walls give the home a slight cabin feel (but in a very modern way). The home is packed with Scandinavian design and the black elements give the home a cool touch. I love the combination of the grey floor, wooden wallls and cozy fabrics. It’s a combination that works so well don’t you think?

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IKEA Autumn Collection 2017

Gravity Home: IKEA Autumn Collection 2017

It’s that time of the year again to get excited about the new products coming to IKEA in august. Warm colours, prints and a touch of gold that’s how you can describe the autumn collection of IKEA. The living room is the focus of the new collection with new chairs, cushions, lighting and soft rugs. Sustainability is a big item at IKEA and also in this collection they designed with the enviroment in mind, without losing the IKEA style of course. Now sit back and marvel at all the new items. We only have to wait a little bit because this collection hits the store in august!

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A Serene Venice Beach Home Inspired By Scandinavian Design

Gravity Home: A Serene Home in Venice

This serene Venice Beach house is designed by Electric Bowery and effortlessly combines indoor and outdoor living. The open-planned home is inspired by mid-century Scandinavian design and architecture from Venice. The floor to ceiling windows not only bring in tons of light but also enhances the outdoor living feeling. I really love the serene and natural style of this gorgeous home.

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A Cozy Scandinavian Attic Apartment

Gravity Home: Cozy Scandinavian Attic Apartment

Attic apartment? Check! Exposed beams? Check! Beautiful Scandinavian design? Check! Plants to liven it up? Check! 

An attic apartment is kind of my dream home (in the city) and I really like this. It has all the elements you wish for in a Scandinavian attic apartment, so sit back and enjoy!

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Stunning Stockholm Home of Dusty Deco Founders

Gravity Home: Stockholm Home of Dusty Deco Founders

The family behind Dusty Deco are selling their home in Stockholm and as you can imagine it is super stylish! I love the contrast between the neutral colour scheme in the living room with the popping blue in the kitchen. My favourite thing is the little bar space in the kitchen where your guests can sit and drink while you’re cooking. This home is a beautiful combination of classic, eccentric and fun and I love it.

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A Beautiful Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Gravity Home: Beautiful Scandinavian Studio Apartment

This studio apartment in Gothenburg was sold before it even properly hit the market. Luckily interior stylist Emma Fischer published the pictures of this studio on her website so we can all enjoy it. It might be small but it really has everything you need; a sofa, a double bed and a large dining table for dinner parties! I love Emma’s styling, you can see more studio’s that she styled herehere & here on my blog. Or just look at this gorgeous dark apartment that by her styling. Really I could move into any apartment that she styles!

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The Gorgeous Stockholm Home of Petra Tungården

Gravity Home: Petra Tungården's Stylish Home

Welcome to the super stylish Stockholm home of Petra Tungården. Petra is a Swedish influencer, blogger and Fashion & Home Editor in Chief for Metro. Her renovated home in Stockholm shows that Petra is certainly a stylish woman. The design furniture in combination with the gorgeous historic features of the building is a very good match, I mean look at that ceiling!! I love how she used the same blue colour on the walls throughout her apartment, it really gives the home a warm and soft feeling. But for me the absolute winner of this apartment is the green kakelugn (a Swedish tiled fireplace) isn’t it amazing?

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A Bright Scandinavian Apartment with Vintage Kitchen

Gravity Home: Bright Scandinavian Apartment with Vintage Kitchen

A lovely Scandinavian apartment for you this saturday. The bright home is decorated in typical Scandinavian style with lots of white, black and other neutral colours. I’m madly in love with the William Morris wallpaper in the kitchen. What’s also lovely is that the kitchen is still the original one and dates back to 1924! The bedroom is painted in a beautiful soft pink color (‘Pale Sand’ by Jotun) and decorated with great artwork. If I think about Scandinavian homes this is exactly what I imagine and I love it.

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A Lovely Colourful Copenhagen Loft

Gravity Home: Copenhagen Loft

I often hear that Scandinavian homes don’t have enough colour. Now personally I really like the more typical Scandinavian homes but a little colour here and there certainly doesn’t harm the interior. For the lovers of Scandinavian homes ánd colour I show you this Copenhagen loft. The rich colours work really well because of the large windows and high ceilings. The old beams from the building – that dates from 1877 – have been preserved to give the spaces some extra character. This loft has a beautiful combination of classic Scandinavian design pieces, historics features and modern elements.

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