A Charming Swedish Apartment With A Parisian Vibe

Gravity Home: Charming Swedish Apartment With Parisian Vibe

A little bit of Parisian charm in a Swedish apartment. This beautiful apartment belongs to Pernilla Algede – a freelance creative director of real estate agency Alvhem. Her home is a mixture of personal, eccentric and vintage design. The home is only small but every free space on the walls is packed with art. The walls are painted a soft grey color and the wallpaper by Lim & Handtryck adds some soft pink to the living room. In the bedroom a curtain hides the closet space and a small workspace is placed in front of the window. I absolutely love this home, it is personal, cozy, art-filled and with a nice vintage and Parisian touch.

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A Tiny Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Gravity Home: Tiny Studio Apartment

Living in only 19 square meter is probably not everyone’s wish. But this tiny studio apartment that came on the market yesterday shows that it is possible. They decorated the studio with only greys, whites and black which is typical for a Scandinavian home. They certainly didn’t clutter the studio with only a (day)bed and a small bistro table bút there is plenty of artwork and pillows which gives the space a cozy feeling. It’s not enough room for a lot of entertaining, but a studio like this is ideal as a pied-à-terre or for a student.

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Cozy Art-Filled Apartment in Sweden

That Scandinavians can style small apartments to perfection is no secret. This apartment in Stockholm is only 44 square meter but it appears spacious and cozy. The apartment is decorated in monochrome colors and filled with art (which always makes a space look cozy in my opinion). I especially love the peek-a-boo windows between the living room and bedroom which contributes to making the apartment appear larger. I think everythink about this apartment is perfect. Small = good!

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A Bright Apartment in Stockholm

Sometimes in these dark winter months all you want is a little light. This apartment in Stockholm is styled by Josefin Hååg and it’s bright in every room. The home is completely decorated in white, grey and black tones which gives the apartment a very serene atmosphere. Perfect if you love light homes, there’s definitely no winter gloom in here!

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A Tiny Stockholm Apartment Painted Blue

You really don’t have to keep it light if you live in a small apartment, this tiny Swedish home shows that dark can be great as well. Mattias Vural decided that he wanted something different and painted his entire apartment dark blue. The apartment is only 34 square meter but it feels like more due to the consistent use of color. By putting the kitchen in the hallway and the bedroom where the kitchen used to be, Mattias created some extra space. The home is decorated with a lot of wicker, wood and plants which gives this home the right balance between dark and light. I love this apartment, I posted about it before on tumblr here and here where you can see some additional pictures.

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For The Love Of White: A Bright Scandi Apartment

If it’s one thing Scandinavians can do it’s making a home appear very bright and spacious without losing it’s charm. This apartment in Gothenburg is only 57 square meter but it looks very spacious and so crisp! I love how the light flows through the window in the living room and the white floor makes it even brighter. They gave the walls a very soft grey color so it isn’t entirely white but the brightness remains. I love this, the only downside for me is the bedroom which doesn’t really fit with the rest of the home. But it only needs a few changes to make that bright and crisp as well.

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Luxurious Scandinavian Home in Moody Colors

Gravity Home: Moody Scandinavian Home

I love the colors in this Scandinavian home. Not the walls, but the ceiling is painted in a light grey color which is an original way to add color to a room. The apartment has a very luxurious atmosphere with the gorgeous furniture pieces in green and purple velvet. In the bedroom they went even bolder by painting it entirely black. I think a black bedroom looks so cool, but no way I have the guts to do it in my own home!

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A Teeny Tiny Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Gravity Home: Tiny Scandinavian Studio Apartment

A teeny tiny studio apartment often looks like a closet with a bed. Unless of course when you’re Scandinavian and you give it the Scandinavian look. This 18 square meter studio apartment in Gothenborg is decorated in a traditional Scandinavian style. They remained neutral in the color palette with white walls, and grey & black decor pieces. The bed is covered with cozy pillows and throws to make it super cozy and ideal for living ánd sleeping. If you have a teeny tiny studio apartment, this is how you should style it. Definitely no closet-feelings here!

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Scandinavian Apartment With Raw Concrete Walls

Gravity Home: Scandi apartment with concrete walls

Scandinavian apartments are usually known for their white walls, which makes the rooms very bright. In this Scandinavian apartment they went for a bolder look. Not by using bold colors – it still has the traditional neutral color palette – but by leaving the walls in the living room bare. The raw concrete walls give the space a bit of a cool edge and it accentuate the architectural details. I very much like this and it makes the room feel a little bit warmer.

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Scandinavian Home With A Double-Duty Bedroom

I love this Scandinavian home filled with artwork, Scandinavian design classics and the bright but cozy atmosphere. But for me the best part is the bedroom, which is very large (jealous!) and it is not only used for sleeping but also for working. It must be great to have such a large bedroom to be able to put in a spacious work area. By using String shelves you create a place to store your books without a chunky bookcase. The rug under the desk in combination with the bookshelves define the ‘workspace’ in the bedroom. It’s very simple, but a very effective way of dividing a space. Beautiful how light and open they’ve kept this home without losing any coziness.

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