Pink & Green At The Ferm Living Home in Copenhagen

Gravity Home: Ferm LIVING Home in Copenhagen

Ferm LIVING has created an amazing and colorful new showroom. And it’s not just a showroom but they decorated an apartment in central Copenhagen and it’s filled with their products (from lighting to pillows and furniture). I often hear that Scandinavian homes are ‘too white and boring’ but this beauty is wonderfully colourful with pink and green rooms. I could easily live in an apartment that looks as stunning as this one.

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Studio Apartment with Pink & Blue Colour Touches

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Scandinavian studio apartments always make me happy. This one from Entrance MΓ€kleri is definitely very lovely. With the traditional wooden floor and white walls this apartment gets some nice colour touches in the blue sofa and dusty pink bedding. Combine this with nice wooden items and a big mirror to give the illusion of some extra space and you’ll end up with a great looking apartment.

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A Scandinavian Home in Grey Tones + Blog Ramblings

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Home

I know I’m not a very personal blogger. But today I’m finding the need to say a bit more than just a little text about the home I’m posting. The truth is that I’m having doubts. Doubts about this blog, the direction in which I want to go and if an interior blog is even what I want at all. I have this blog for almost 2 years now and I’ve been on Tumblr years longer. And in all honesty sometimes I think just f*ck it all! When I can’t find good inspiration, when it feels like I’m constantly repeating myself or when I’m getting hateful messages. Running a blog like this is a lot of work and sometimes I just get tired even thinking about it. I’m going to think about my blogging future in the upcoming weeks/months and hopefully I can get a clear view of what I want. But don’t worry until I make a decision I will keep posting beautiful homes πŸ™‚ See below for a lovely home tour.

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A Calm Grey Apartment in Sweden

Gravity Home: A Calm Grey Apartment in Sweden

Grey, white and wood. To me those are the perfect ingredients for a calm home. I love the look of this apartment, I always like a grey & white colourscheme and the wooden floor and few wooden design pieces give the spaces some extra warmth. A nice home to start the weekend with. Have a nice one!

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A Charming Scandinavian Apartment

Gravity Home: Charming Scandinavian Apartment

The stream of beautiful Scandinavian homes just doesn’t stop! This 1920s apartment in Gothenburg is again styled to perfection. With traditionally Scandinavian light colors, historic elements, cozy textures and wonderful William Morris wallpaper this family home is cozy and just simply stunning. What a dream to call a house like this your home.

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A Small and Serene Scandinavian Apartment

Gravity Home: Small Scandinavian Apartment

One of my favourite interior stylists Emma Fischer has created another beautiful apartment. The apartment is only 35 square meters but it actually looks pretty spacious. The home is decorated in true Scandinavian style with lots of natural colours, good design pieces and clever small space ideas. I really like how she used the windowsill as a seating space for the kitchen table. A real lovely apartment.

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A Lovely Bright Historic Home in Oslo

Gravity Home: A Lovely Bright Home in Oslo

In a historic and charming area in Oslo lies this small home of only 50sq meter. With a white base this home is typical Scandinavian but with some subtle colour touches (love that pink wall in the kitchen) the home feels cozy and personal. I really love the freshness of this place and it kind of makes me wish I could start all over again with my own home!

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A Mixture of Styles in a Scandinavian Apartment

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Apartment

This apartment belonging to Cajsa Berndtsdotter has appeared on my blog before. Back then it was featured on Elle Decoration and I loved the mixture of styles immediately. Now the house has gone up for sale so it’s nice to see it again. I am a bit dissapointed that the stunning green wall in the living room has disappeared although this ‘greige’ tone is also very beautiful. But the green just gave it a nice pop!

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A Monochrome Open-Plan Home in Denmark

Gravity Home: A Monochrome Home in Denmark

This home in Denmark was transformed from an abandoned 1960s house into a stunning monochrome home. After an extensive renovation that took out all the indoor walls and raised the ceiling, the owners got this huge open-planned living space. With two sitting nooks and a fireplace that also serves as a dividing wall between the dining space and the living space this home still feels cozy. The terrace also has several sitting spaces, from a lounge space to a covered dining space. It’s a garden where you can sit all day long!

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Pella Hedeby’s Soft Minimalistic Home in Sweden

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Home of Pella Hedeby

If you love Scandinavian interiors then you’ve surely come across work of interior stylist Pella Hedeby. Her blog Stil Inspiration is a haven for Scandinavian design lovers and here she shares her inspiration and her own styling work. Not surprisingly her home in Sweden is absolutely beautiful. Her home is decorated in a minimalistic style but everything works together so well. And with cozy textiles, accessories and artwork the home gets a cozy atmosphere. Plus just take a look at that that huge wooden deck with views over the Swedish countryside, what a dream!

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