A Bright Scandinavian Home With Cozy Attic

Gravity Home: Bright Scandinavian Home

After the colour explosion in monday’s blog post, today I’ll show you the complete opposite. In no other country can they make a home so lovely and bright as in Sweden. This home in Gothenburg is in typical Scandinavian style. A monochrome colour palette combined with wooden elements, the perfect amount of furniture and keeping it as bright as possible. I especially love the attic with a cozy sitting space and attic bedroom. Scandinavian can do no wrong in my eyes!

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Studio Apartment With A Scandi Boho Vibe

Gravity Home: Scandi Boho Studio Apartment

It’s no secret that I love studio apartments. I love the cozy feeling and it’s nice to see what people can create in a small space. This studio apartment is a wonderful combination of Scandinavian design with bohemian touches. Not extreme ‘in your face’ colorful bohemian, but very subtle with plants, fabrics and earth colours. When a studio apartment is decorated like this then living small doesn’t look so bad does it?

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The Scandinavian Boho Home of Malin Persson

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Boho Home of Malin Persson

I’m in love with the home of former model, stylist and blogger Malin Persson. Malin left the hectic life in Italy to set up home in southern Sweden together with her husband and 3 children. Her home has this lovely bohemian style with plenty of space for the kids to play in. From vintage pieces to new decor, everyhting seems to compliment each other perfectly. You can definitely see that it is a house that’s being lived in and therefor it feels very personal and cozy. I’m absolutely in love with this home and I just want to soak into that wonderful copper bathtub. Isn’t it perfect?

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A Designer’s Inspiring Light Home Office

If you’re working from home an inspiring workspace is a must! Creative director and designer Sarah Sherman Samuel used to work from her garage but after an expension of her family she thought it’s time for an office upgrade. Her office used to be a guest house that was mainly used for storage. To create this wonderful light space they ripped everything out and added skylights to give the space as much natural light as possible. The goal was to create a modern but relaxed style in her office. With light colors and an emphasis on natural materials she created an office I’m certainly jealous of!

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Stunning London Location Home in Shades of Grey

I don’t think there’s anything in this London home that I don’t like. Beautiful use of color, a walk in closet ánd the home even has it’s own bar. It’s lovely how they worked with various shades of grey in this home. The dark living room creates a cozy atmosphere and it’s a wonderful contrast with the bright kitchen where the skylight and large glass sliding doors flood the space with light. Upstairs they kept the private spaces very calming in soft pink and grey. It gives the bedroom a bit of a Scandinavian vibe don’t you think? And honestly that bedroom with en-suite bathroom and on top of that a walk in closet? This London home is a dream come true for everyone!

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A Rustic Bohemian Home In Scandinavian Style

Bohemian homes can be styled in many different ways. There is modern bohemian, colorful bohemian but also Scandinavian bohemian. Scandinavian homes usually have a light base with natural materials. This Scandi boho home has a Nordic base complemented with ethnic influences & plants to give the home a bohemian vibe. If you don’t like extreme colors but you do like a bohemian style than this is the way to decorate your home.

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Bright Scandinavian Home Of A Danish Style Icon

That Pernille Teisbæk has a great sense of fashion was already known. But her sense of style doesn’t stay in the fashion industry because her home in Copenhagen is an example of style. In her home you find a mixture of Scandinavian design, vintage items, texture with Moroccan rugs and here and there some bling in the brass details. Her home isn’t crowded with furniture but it still has a stylish and personal vibe. You can definitely see Pernille’s sense of style in her Copenhagen apartment.

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Lovely Scandinavian Home Of Blogger And Stylist Daniella Witte

Interior stylist, blogger and photographer Daniella Witte is well known in the interior world. You might have seen her work for IKEA or maybe you follow her blog where she always gives wonderful interior inspiration. Daniella’s home is now featured in Elle Decoration and, not surprisingly, it is absolute perfection. Her home, just outside Malmö, is an old horse farm that she and her husband carefully renovated into a wonderful family home. Important for Daniella was that she listened to the old house and getting a good combination between old and new saying that ‘you shouldn’t modernize an old home too much’. The home already looks perfect (in my opinion) but the renovations are not complete yet, the stables will be transformed into a large studio for Daniella and they have plans of opening a bed & breakfast, which will probably be the most stylish B&B in the world. If their home is an indication of what the B&B will look like, than I can’t wait for them to start the project and see the pictures! But first lets drool over the images of Daniella’s Scandinavian home.

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Scandinavian Apartment With A Dreamy Bedroom

I’m back from holiday to Norway so today is all about catching up on all the nice homes that were put online in the last week including this lovely Scandinavian apartment with a dreamy bedroom. The apartment is not very big but by taking out the wall between the living room and the kitchen they created a lovely light open plan living space. To create some difference between the kitchen and living room they painted the walls in the kitchen a light blue  which looks lovely with the white base. My favourite part of this home is the bedroom were the walls are painted grey and they put a lovely canopy above the bed giving it a dreamy atmosphere. It’s lovely to stay in a Scandinavian mood after my holiday with this dreamy Scandinavian apartment.

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