A Small Apartment With A Super Dark Bedroom

Gravity Home: Small Apartment with Dark Bedroom

A big contrast in this Scandinavian apartment. While the living space is kept white (with a stunning exposed brick wall) the bedroom is the complete opposite. Painted in a wonderful dark grey shade (Farrow and Ball – Down pipe modern emulsion), the small bedroom has a super cozy feel. I also love how they created a hallway by using a half high wall to seperate the entryway from the rest of the living room. Without losing the light from the huge window.

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A Small Scandinavian Apartment in Blue & Pink

Gravity Home: Small Scandinavian Apartment in Blue & Pink

When I’m searching for gorgeous homes to feature on my blog I’m often more interested in the small apartments. I always thinks it demonstrates that to make a house a home you don’t need big spaces and a lot of stuff. Small is good. This apartment in Stockholm is a good example of that. I love the shade of blue in the living room and bedroom (it reminds me a bit of this apartment). And it’s a nice surprise to see that lovely shade of pink in the hallway.

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A Small Plant-Filled Home in San Francisco

Gravity Home: Small plant-filled home

I love a home filled with plants! This small San Francisco home of Jessica Henry is packed with plants and unique objects that remind her of a specific time and place. Even though the home is small and packed with objects it doesn’t feel cramped. And I love how bold she’s been with her choice of colour in the living room. Not just the walls are blue but also the ceiling! It’s a stunning cozy and bright home that feels very alive.

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A Colour Explosion In A Small London Flat

Gravity Home: A Small Colourful London Flat

That you should only use light colours in small homes is definitely a myth and Duncan Campbell & Luke Edward Hall prove exactly that in their small London flat. The apartment in situated in a Victorian building and only has a small living/kitchen space, a bedroom and a bathroom. The living space is painted in a stunning emeral green and it’s packed with books, art and mementos.  The bedroom is painted in a soft blue colour, but they’re thinking of painting it dark sea green which I think will look amazing. The bathroom rocks a Art & Crafts Voysey floral and fauna print and also here they put in some green by using green subway tiles. I absolutely love this home. The combination of colour, classic furniture and a touch of fun is absolutely spot on!

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A Small Apartment Decorated In Dark Colors

Designers usually say that when you’re living in a small apartment you have to keep it light to make the space look bigger. I don’t think that’s true and this apartment in Stockholm shows that small apartments can definitely be painted in dark colors too. The apartment is only 44 square meter and is completely painted in dark hues. Together with the gorgeous wooden floor they created a beautiful warm and cozy apartment.

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Cozy Art-Filled Apartment in Sweden

That Scandinavians can style small apartments to perfection is no secret. This apartment in Stockholm is only 44 square meter but it appears spacious and cozy. The apartment is decorated in monochrome colors and filled with art (which always makes a space look cozy in my opinion). I especially love the peek-a-boo windows between the living room and bedroom which contributes to making the apartment appear larger. I think everythink about this apartment is perfect. Small = good!

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A Small All-White Apartment By Laura Seppänen

An all-white look for the newest interior project by Laura Seppänen Design Agency. The 2-bedroom apartment in Helsinki belongs to head of Cosmopolitan Finland Stina Mäntyniemi. Stina wanted a clean look for her apartment. No rugs, curtains and a monochrome color palette. There was one must have piece for her interior – the Bertoia chair. I love the look of this apartment, it’s clean and fresh without looking cold. A perfect Scandinavian look.

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A New York Apartment With Amazing Walk In Closet

I don’t know if you remember the amazing New York pied-à-terre of Kelly Framel that I posted back in october. Well, much to my excitement the apartment has been given a new look. Because the couple travel a lot they wanted to create their own ‘hotel suite’ apartment. A place where they can easily travel in and out from. They moved their bedroom to the living space and thereby created a new room that is being used as a walk in closet. Which comes in handy for (un)packing when they go travelling. I was in love with the old apartment, but I must say this walk in closet gives the new apartment just that little bit extra!

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A Tiny Stockholm Apartment Painted Blue

You really don’t have to keep it light if you live in a small apartment, this tiny Swedish home shows that dark can be great as well. Mattias Vural decided that he wanted something different and painted his entire apartment dark blue. The apartment is only 34 square meter but it feels like more due to the consistent use of color. By putting the kitchen in the hallway and the bedroom where the kitchen used to be, Mattias created some extra space. The home is decorated with a lot of wicker, wood and plants which gives this home the right balance between dark and light. I love this apartment, I posted about it before on tumblr here and here where you can see some additional pictures.

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Vibrant Barcelona Apartment With A Splash Of Neon

This vibrant Barcelona apartment is one of those homes that just instantly make you happy. The apartment is designed by Miel Arquitectos especially as a tourist apartment for short stays. The bright spaces have typical Spanish details like a tiled floor and a wonderful ceiling but the apartment is given an extra pop by the use of neon yellow and pink. I love all the strange angles and nooks in this apartment which gives the home a playful vibe. The mirrors don’t only makes this apartment ever brighter than it already is, it’s also a clever way to make a small space look larger. What a nice vibrant apartment and it will really make your trip to Barcelona even more special.

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