Studio Apartment With A Scandi Boho Vibe

Gravity Home: Scandi Boho Studio Apartment

It’s no secret that I love studio apartments. I love the cozy feeling and it’s nice to see what people can create in a small space. This studio apartment is a wonderful combination of Scandinavian design with bohemian touches. Not extreme ‘in your face’ colorful bohemian, but very subtle with plants, fabrics and earth colours. When a studio apartment is decorated like this then living small doesn’t look so bad does it?

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A Beautiful Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Gravity Home: Beautiful Scandinavian Studio Apartment

This studio apartment in Gothenburg was sold before it even properly hit the market. Luckily interior stylist Emma Fischer published the pictures of this studio on her website so we can all enjoy it. It might be small but it really has everything you need; a sofa, a double bed and a large dining table for dinner parties! I love Emma’s styling, you can see more studio’s that she styled herehere & here on my blog. Or just look at this gorgeous dark apartment that by her styling. Really I could move into any apartment that she styles!

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A Tiny Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Gravity Home: Tiny Studio Apartment

Living in only 19 square meter is probably not everyone’s wish. But this tiny studio apartment that came on the market yesterday shows that it is possible. They decorated the studio with only greys, whites and black which is typical for a Scandinavian home. They certainly didn’t clutter the studio with only a (day)bed and a small bistro table bút there is plenty of artwork and pillows which gives the space a cozy feeling. It’s not enough room for a lot of entertaining, but a studio like this is ideal as a pied-à-terre or for a student.

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Luxurious Studio Apartment With Black Kitchen

While everyone is posting Christmas related interior I decided to go for a more normal home tour today. This studio is only 30 square meter but it screams luxury. The custom made cabinets are high quality and the studio is filled with Scandinavian design classics. It’s perfect as a pied-à-terre but honestly I would have no problem living permanently in this small but comfortable studio apartment.

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A Teeny Tiny Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Gravity Home: Tiny Scandinavian Studio Apartment

A teeny tiny studio apartment often looks like a closet with a bed. Unless of course when you’re Scandinavian and you give it the Scandinavian look. This 18 square meter studio apartment in Gothenborg is decorated in a traditional Scandinavian style. They remained neutral in the color palette with white walls, and grey & black decor pieces. The bed is covered with cozy pillows and throws to make it super cozy and ideal for living ánd sleeping. If you have a teeny tiny studio apartment, this is how you should style it. Definitely no closet-feelings here!

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A Scandinavian Studio Apartment Revisited

When you have been blogging for a few years like I have, it’s quite possibile that you find homes that you’ve featured before only differently styled. I like to browse (Scandinavian) real estate sites and I recognized this studio apartment in Gothenburg immediately. I have posted this studio a year ago and even though the style hasn’t changed dramatically it’s still nice to see the space with slightly different decor. This time the studio is styled in some warmer tones which suits the season very well. The studio has lots of natural elements such as the plants, wooden furniture and the IKEA Viktigt chair suits this space very well (unfortunately it’s no longer for sale). Which style do you prefer? This one or the summer version?

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A Cool Tiny Studio Apartment With Loft Bed

That I’m a big fan of studio apartments is probably not a secret. I find it incredibly inspiring to see what people can do with a tiny space and make it a comfortable home. I have posted this studio apartment in Stockholm a few months ago on tumblr and it was a big succes. Now the studio apartment has been put on the market again by Alexander White. They have redecorated the studio and I must say it looks even better now! The studio has an industrial vibe and it doesn’t lack for anything. The wooden floor and Kakelugn already give the space a lot of character and they didn’t clutter the small space with too much furniture. The living room only has a Chesterfield sofa and a chest of drawers but they decorated the space so wonderfully with artwork, plants and candles that it doesn’t look bare. Could you live in such a small – but cool – studio apartment?

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A Beautiful Serene Airbnb In Philadelphia By Jersey Ice Cream Co

I have posted about the projects of Tara and Percy of Jersey Ice Cream Co many times before on my blogs simply because their work is absolutely stunning. Today I will give you a brand new project by Jersey Ice Cream Co that they have just finished renovating and the best thing about this home is that you can actually stay in it! This Rittenhouse apartment already had a good foundation with high ceilings, lots of old charm and a private roof terrace but after Tara and Percy worked their magic it has become a beautiful serene space. The apartment might be small but with the neutral colorscheme and clever design such as the benches against the wall they made it a beautiful serene and functional space, it’s the ideal airbnb stay to unwind after a long day in Philadelphia.

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A Scandinavian Studio Apartment In Soft Neutral Colors

We’re in the middle of the summer holidays (and nice warm weather has finally arrived in The Netherlands, yay!) which also means that the real estate market is slowing down for a few months. However every now and then a beautiful home shows up like this studio apartment in Gothenburg styled by Emma Fischer. The homes that she styles always have such a serene and light atmosphere they are the absolute perfect example of great Scandinavian design. The base of this studio apartment in Gothenburg is white with some soft natural tones in the accessories. The plants give a nice pop of green and the botanical atmosphere continues in the kitchen with a botanical flower wallpaper. Living in a small studio apartment is absolutely no problem if it is styled as well as this studio in Gothenburg.

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