A Light Industrial Farmhouse in The Netherlands

Gravity Home: Industrial Farmhouse in The Netherlands

A very lovely home tour today! This bright industrial farmhouse in The Netherlands belongs to Jellina & Jan. They’re still working on the renovation of the monumental property but already the home looks absolutely wonderful. The amazing exposed beams are seen thoughout the house and I really love the industrial elements they’ve added to the home. This in combination with the vintage items and many plants creates a beautiful light family home. If you want to see more of this home and of the ongoing renovation just take a look at Jellina’s blog for more pictures of her beautiful home.

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A Dutch Home Decorated with Green-Tones and Vintage Items

Gravity Home: A Green & Vintage Dutch Home

The owner of this home in The Netherlands has always had a love for green colours. So when she saw a home in only green tones a couple of years ago she knew that her new home was going to be very green! And indeed green is everywhere, from different shades on the walls, to green painted furniture and green William Morris wallpaper. I must say that I love all these green tones togerther. And the vintage furniture make this house a cool family home that can be lived in (without fearing you damage anything).

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The Beautiful Home of Interior Blogger Theo-Bert Pot

Gravity Home: Beautiful Home of Interior Blogger Theo-Bert Pot

Today I’m going to show you one of my favourite homes of all times, that of interior blogger (and my Instagram crush) Theo-Bert Pot. Theo-Bert lives with his partner Jelle (an interior architect) in a beautiful historic home in The Hague. Their home is a stunning mix of wonderful design pieces and they’re not afraid to use colour! Blue, grey, pink and orange whether it’s a statement wall (or ceiling) or a small decor piece, you see colour everywhere. I’d truly recommend following Theo-Bert on Instagram because he is constantly changing things in his home which makes it so fun & inspiring to see his pictures! If I’m dreaming of my perfect home it really looks a lot like this!

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A Monumental School Converted Into A Stunning Family Home

Gravity Home: Converted Schoolhouse in The Netherlands

My heart leaps up every time I see a good conversion. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw this conversion of a monumental school building in Leiden, The Netherlands. The schoolhouse from 1925 is converted by architecture firm Atelier Space into a stunning light-filled family home. They kept most of the historical elements of the building such as the tiled floor, the doors and skylights. All the spaces have 4-meter high ceilings and the large windows flood the spaces with natural light. It’s beautiful how they managed to transform these large open spaces into a cozy and modern family home. And of course I’m always happy when architecture firms manage to keep as many historical elements as possible.

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A Self Designed Home in The Netherlands

After a holiday in France, Menno and Tessa decided to design and built their own home. The couple mainly used natural materials and added a lot of storage, because with 3 children it’s nice to keep clutter behind doors. The light living space with open kitchen was a priority for the couple. Their trip to France inspired the wooden structure, concrete floor and pebbles in the bathroom. It’s a beautiful light family home with a Scandinavian touch.

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Christmas Home In A 1960s Dutch Bungalow

Christmas is approaching fast, which means that a lot of home tours in Christmas spirits are appearing on the internet. This beautiful Christmas home in a 1960s bungalow is located in The Netherlands. The bungalow was extremely boring when Kim and Tjimme bought it, but together with architecture firm RoosRos did they create a warm family home. I love how they difined the spaces with color. The living room is painted in dark and warm colors while the kitchen is very light. Upstairs there’s a nice blend of grey-tones to create a warm bedroom and bathroom. It’s abolutely a stunning home and there a quite a few great Christmas decor ideas here!

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Former Warehouse Transformed Into A White And Green Oasis

This former warehouse in Delft is completely transformed to a white and green oasis. Three years ago this warehouse was just two dilapidated floors where doves were flying in and out. Pauline en Björnd complettely stripped the space and transformed this old building into a beautiful fresh living space. The home consists of two big rooms, each on a floor, that are completely painted white. The old beams and the occasional exposed brick wall show the history of this building and give the spaces some character. With the use of palets they created sitting spaces all over the house. To complete the home they decorated it with many, many plants which makes this home really come alive.

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Dutch Home With A Rustic Industrial Look

The home of Piet and Otti in The Netherlands was completely in ruins when they bought it. The building dates from the 1920s but all the charateristic elements were removed and instead the space looked completely soulless. The couple decided to drastically renovate the apartment and only the façade remained in tact. After hard work the end result is absolutely stunning. They managed to give the home character again, and the industrial elements give the space a very cool and cozy look.

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A Renovated 1930s Home in The Netherlands

Sebastiaan and Dyala wanted their home in The Netherlands to be modern and warm. Together with the architecture firm of their neighbours did they create their dream home in a 1930s building. It wasn’t always easy, the couple and the architecture firm didn’t always see eye to eye. The green wall in the living room and the white painted oak floor in the bedrooms were a shock at first but are now the eyecatchers of their home. The beautiful steel doors and exposed brick in the kitchen give this modern home an industrial twist.

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Former Milk Factory Transformed Into Unique Family Home

A former milk factory in The Hague has been transformed into a unique family home. The home belongs to Mary Hessing, editor of Dutch magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur, and her husband Toon Lauwen, curator, journalist and design books editor. The couple bought the former milk factory 12 years ago and together – without the use of an architect – they created a family home over three levels. The large open plan living space can be reached through the converted garage. The black and white tiles can be seen through the entire ground floor including the kitchen where it is combined with sea green Moroccan tiles. The living space has an industrial vibe with the concrete floor and steel frames. To soften this they used pink and green in the decorations. Upstairs, under the exposed beams, there is a large open plan space that serves as the bedroom and playroom of 2 of the children. This converted milk factory In The Netherlands certainly is one of the most unique homes I’ve ever seen.

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